How to Live AWESOME in Business

We all know a great business from a not-so-great one. We have all had experiences in dealing with businesses that are pleasant and wonderful and then others which are complete hell. I recently had this experience in the completion of my first book. I realized that I was in drama land and dancing with shadows only after I was too deep in to change the game. My options were to unplug completely and start over, which would delay everything by another month, or move forward with the current arrangement, which deeply hurt my heart, and was a decision that was being made from feeling backed into a control corner. The second option was like “dancing with the devil” (or ego) and playing the game to the best of my ability.

I was fully experiencing the world of contrast in business – those who have been functioning from money, greed, blame and power-struggle in contrast to those who function from passion, compassion, understanding and willingness to work together as one. There is a vast difference. The old world of how business was done clashed against the new world that I was presently living in and enjoying.

In the old world of business it’s all about me, me, me….more money, more time, more money….time for money exchange, a game of he said-she said, blame and lack of responsibility and meeting minimal requirements. This way of living is such a waste of time and vital life force energy. It’s an old outdated version of life that I was fully in for months and really had to confront and deal with, along with the rippling emotions on my end as a result of the experience and interaction.

My heart actually hurt from the pain that another human being could be this greedy and unfair. I haven’t experienced this in such a long time. My life now is surrounded by people who are loving, compassionate, kind, honouring toward self and others, and passionate about the work that they bring into the world. This “other” experience was the complete opposite. Now, that being said, I do take full responsibility and acknowledge the truth of perception and that this is me “viewing” the situation from my perspective, my patterns, my experiences. And from this human-to-human viewing all I could see was pain and injustice. I acknowledge that. In order for me to have a CLEAR view of what was REALLY happening I needed to go UP. I needed to sit in meditation and lift up to a higher perspective and SEE what was really go on here…..To see what was really being shown to me or asked of me…..To see the growth and learning for all involved.

Instead of staying stuck in the muck and frustration of it all I started to go inward and ask the truthful, higher questions. Not the ones that sound like this (although they were VERY present at first): “How could he/she do this to me? What kind of a person doesn’t respect his/her clients or his/her work? Does he/she not honour or care about the work he/she puts out into the world? What did I do wrong? Did I ask for too many changes/too much?” The higher questions are more like: “What do I need to learn from this? What is the message and learning for me? How can I love me and him/her more?” And, “Let me see and know the situation from a higher perspective. Let me see and know clarity that can resolve this situation for all. Let me be filled with love so that this can complete harmoniously.”

From the beginning something about this interaction didn’t feel right. A hard lesson learned. Sometimes we need to put in a little extra work in the beginning….to make a few more calls, to ask around, to interview the right person for the job… that the outcome and remaining process could be loving, smooth and in alignment with what you want. Another major learning for me….yet again….was not listening to my gut or intuition. I knew something felt “off” and yet I justified all the reasons why it would be a good decision. And in the end, it was not. It was a painful, confusing, hard and challenging journey from start to finish. I also had a higher vision of past life drama that needed to get worked out between this person and I. And I saw how all the players involved in this would have a new perspective on how to manage our business affairs that could grow to a new level which honoured the higher way of light, love and soul respect.

The answers will come. Clarity will rise up. Truth will be known. Light will be shone on all shadows.

And when this happened within me, I took full responsibility for my actions or non-action and learned what I needed to, released with love and rose up again….to higher space than where I was before.

I know in my heart that I was given this situation, or rather drew to me this situation, because I’m expanding into a new version of self, a new model of business, a new way to play the game of life. I choose love and authenticity and higher expression in all other areas of my life. Business interactions is no different and obviously needed a readjustment, re-tuning or evolution so that I could clear and heal and lift up to meet my higher business self in a shiner way.

We have entered into the Age of Aquarius where we can’t hide our “stuff” or untruths anymore. All is being revealed and all inconsistencies are being brought to the surface. Sometimes we are the lights to shine on the darkness, which makes the darkness feel more intense and strong….but it is just shadow and there is nothing to fear. And if we can face the shadow, speak our truth, grow beyond our own fears, justifications and blames we can then rise up into a new business world that is beautiful, loving, abundant and gorgeous!

This is the way of new business and business leadership – one that represents equality and equanimity and the utmost SOUL-RESPECT as brother and sister. We have moved from me to WE!

And after I spoke my truth in that moment, expressed my needs and released this situation clarity, healing and a higher truth took the wheel. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by the overall outcome! After the pain settled, after the emotional shock passed, and after we both had time to breath and return to our center again resolution and forgiveness surfaced! What did it take to get there? Honesty, acknowledging all angles, a willingness for healing and clarity, the ability to take responsibility, a humbleness to apologize, and a complete letting go of the outcome for a moment.

I also had an amazing awareness come through…..that apologies can show up in many different ways or styles or forms. Most of us are used to verbal apologies or acknowledgment. I realized that this may not be the mode of expression for everyone. What I experienced was apology through action, getting things done beautifully, perfectly and harmoniously – a total 180 flip or change in interaction and delivery! This was amazing to witness! I began to think about all the times we