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What is Rising Consciousness?

Hello wonderful Soul :) !

We are so excited to discuss rising consciousness with you today! For those of you who are new to the term, you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to break down what rising consciousness is and how we can shift our consciousness.

The first step to understanding rising consciousness is to think about what consciousness is.

So, what is consciousness?

Consciousness is what you believe and understand to be true. It is where your vision of life comes from. It is your perception of the world around you.

Consciousness is everywhere. It is a matter of what you are focused on that creates the consciousness you are experiencing.

It’s much like breathing—you are always conscious.

Our belief systems dictate and determine where our consciousness is focused. For example, you might be focused on light, joy, and creation, or on the other hand, you might be focused on pain, suffering, fear, and challenge.

Consciousness is determined by us, through us, and by our belief systems or upbringing.

There’s that saying, spot it, you got it. This means, if you are seeing something, it is in your consciousness.

If you see something, it says something about you. If you see something, you are that something.

That is the wisdom of rising consciousness, instead of looking at things that are difficult or painful. You have the opportunity to use that same focus to look at something lovely, beautiful, and life-enriching.

What you focus on, you amplify.

Rising consciousness is moving toward that which inspires you. It is a choice to focus your perspective, energy, and attention on that which enriches and inspires your life.


Each person can recognize their own current consciousness.

Ask yourself, do you feel as though you are choosing low consciousness, average consciousness, or high consciousness?

By being aware of where your consciousness is, you can choose to change it.

How Can Consciousness Shift?

A great example of how consciousness can shift is to imagine two individuals walking through the forest along a trail.

One of them is focused on the beauty of the nature around them, the fresh air, the birds singing, the beautiful blue sky. The other person is walking along and notices a large pile of poop on the trail. This person decided to focus on how bad the poop smells, losing focus on the beauty around them.

The person who is focused on the poop tells the other person looking up at the sky, Hey, did you see that pile of poop someone left on the trail?

This shifts the consciousness from the beautiful sky to the smelly pile of poop on the trail.

You can shift your consciousness by shifting your focus or perspective.

Why Is It Important to Talk about Rising Consciousness?

In the world that we live in, there are many levels of consciousness. We will call them fields of consciousness.

You can, at any given time, dip in and out of different fields of consciousness. Much like the example of the two hikers.

Maybe, you’re choosing to have a great day to see the light and have a positive experience. Then, all of a sudden, something happens that shifts your state of being, in this case, the other hiker pointing out the steaming pile of poop.

It’s necessary to disclaim here, we are not saying you should avoid feeling ‘negative’ or lower vibe emotions because stuff happens in life. It is natural to feel moments like this. But we have the power to choose if we stay in a lower vibrational field or if we rise through it.

We can choose to elevate our consciousness and move into a positive, high vibrational frequency.

An elevated consciousness allows you to manifest with precision.

If you want to create with clarity, you need to shift your state to match what you want to call in.

Once you bring awareness in, you can then begin to take steps to raise your consciousness.

Can Other People Affect My Consciousness?

As we said earlier, we are all made up of different energy fields. Sometimes our energy fields intersect with other people. It is typical for all of our separate consciousness bubbles to vary and sometimes overlap or influence each other.

We do not have to be swayed and pulled by every intersection. Only if we allow ourselves to.

How do I keep from being pushed, pulled, and swayed by the consciousness of others?

  • Be Aware of Your State of Being

The first step is to become aware of your level of consciousness as often as possible. Try to become aware when you wake up and throughout the day. Ask yourself, is where I want my consciousness to be?

If the answer is yes, great, keep holding that space.

If the answer is no—simple choice. Choose to think a different thought, hold an alternate emotional space.

The key here is emotion.

Your emotions are fantastic indicators. If you feel that your feelings are off, you notice that something is irritating you. That's an indicator that something is not making you feel great at that moment.

2. Choose to Shift Your Focus

We cannot focus on changing the external situation. To raise our consciousness, we have to change our internal state of being.

You do not have power over external situations or other people’s actions. You cannot change them.

What we can do is to look within and recognize our emotions. Recognize that we want to change that emotion and ask ourselves, what can I do to shift this?

This practice allows us to delve within. We can let go of what seems to be true externally and create an experience for ourselves. This moves us into interacting with our environment from a place of giving.

We create what we would like to experience and express through to the environment, making our external world more lovely.

We are choosing a higher state of consciousness and choosing to let go of the other feelings.


That’s not to negate the other stuff, which I like to refer to as the ick AKA the negative emotions.

It’s making a conscious choice to decide where you want your consciousness to be and taking a step toward that without making anyone else feel wrong for their state of being.

You should not make yourself feel bad for experiencing a lower state of consciousness either. We dip in and out of different energy fields all the time, and that’s completely okay.

Each of us will experience and dip in and out of different states of consciousness. For example, I am experiencing my higher self-consciousness, my lower self of consciousness, and other states of awareness all at once.

Sometimes these different facets of your consciousness will conflict.

We get to address these conflicts by not negating or suppressing them but recognizing that there is a beautiful sense of consciousness that is wanting to come through. And being willing to pay attention to that.

Each level of consciousness can flow together to create one lovely coherent consciousness.

Your rising consciousness is a choice to experience a higher state of consciousness that weaves through and connects all your felids of consciousness. Allowing you to rise up and become a more loving, patient, grounded person.

You can achieve this state of being without changing any external factors, which most of the world has been taught to do.

We have been taught to deflect and change the people and situations surrounding us instead of looking within and becoming what we want to experience.


It’s much easier to place blame outside yourself.

Reaching higher consciousness takes inner work and reflection, which can be challenging and uncomfortable for some.

We've seen our students start applying these tips and completely transform.

They up-level within themselves. They stop blaming other people or external factors and start working internally.

How Do I Start Looking Within?

In our I Rise & Thrive community, we love to practice mediation.

Meditation stops you. It moves you into a space of internal reflection.

You reflect on how you are seated, how you are feeling, the quality of your thoughts. Suddenly the higher mind, the rising consciousness mind, begins to experience itself.

You start seeing from a higher perspective.

Meditation teaches you so much about life.

When you start meditating and really get in there, it teaches you multiple perspectives. You begin to appreciate other ways of viewing the world, and you find that you are less likely to blow up like a loose cannon.

You look at other perspectives, and you look at what is happening from a more holistic understanding.

Suddenly, you realize that the things that you believe to be true might not necessarily be the reality.

This shift puts you into a higher state of consciousness and allows you to come forward with a view of the whole picture, not just your limited view of your unique conditional consciousness.

To Recap: How to Start Raising Your Consciousness:

  • Be Aware/ Move into Reflection

  • Choose Your Emotions

  • Look at everything as an opportunity to grow and raise your consciousness

  • Look for good qualities in people instead of judging them (your thoughts are a reflection of you)

Lastly, it's vital to think of everything as an opportunity for growth. My consciousness is rising with each and every experience.

If you loved this blog post, you’ll absolutely thrive in our amazing, high vibration free community—join us at: I Rise & Thrive (

Stay tuned for our next blog post, How to Navigate Change - Rising Through Change (

In Love and Appreciation, Tara and King Gabriel


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