What is Rising Consciousness?

Hello wonderful Soul :) !

We are so excited to discuss rising consciousness with you today! For those of you who are new to the term, you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to break down what rising consciousness is and how we can shift our consciousness.

The first step to understanding rising consciousness is to think about what consciousness is.

So, what is consciousness?

Consciousness is what you believe and understand to be true. It is where your vision of life comes from. It is your perception of the world around you.

Consciousness is everywhere. It is a matter of what you are focused on that creates the consciousness you are experiencing.

It’s much like breathing—you are always conscious.

Our belief systems dictate and determine where our consciousness is focused. For example, you might be focused on light, joy, and creation, or on the other hand, you might be focused on pain, suffering, fear, and challenge.

Consciousness is determined by us, through us, and by our belief systems or upbringing.

There’s that saying, spot it, you got it. This means, if you are seeing something, it is in your consciousness.

If you see something, it says something about you. If you see something, you are that something.

That is the wisdom of rising consciousness, instead of looking at things that are difficult or painful. You have the opportunity to use that same focus to look at something lovely, beautiful, and life-enriching.

What you focus on, you amplify.

Rising consciousness is moving toward that which inspires you. It is a choice to focus your perspective, energy, and attention on that which enriches and inspires your life.


Each person can recognize their own current consciousness.

Ask yourself, do you feel as though you are choosing low consciousness, average consciousness, or high consciousness?

By being aware of where your consciousness is, you can choose to change it.