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I’m so happy and grateful that you’re here! I'd like to take this time and space to share a little about who I am and how I arrived at the place of being an intuitive healer, soul coach, author, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and mom!

"The Go-To-Goddess for

Grounded Spirituality, Empowered Healing & Awakened Leadership!"

A Healed Healer.....!

From the time I was 14, after being introduced to meditation and yoga, I knew I wanted to help people. I thought I'd become a physiotherapist, or nurse or massage therapist....In my 3rd year university I walked into a class - Alternative and Complimentary Healing - and fell in LOVE! You know those moments when EVERYTHING CLICKS and you know alignment is happening right before your eyes?! This was IT! I knew that if I could find a school for alternative healing I would be the happiest girl in the universe!

All signs pointed to Toronto and after 4 years of university I entered into a 2-year Holistic Health program at The Transformational Arts College where I studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Energy Healing, Counseling, Herbology, Chakra Balancing and many other wonderful courses! All while working at the Ministry of Health and seeing clients ! What a busy and powerful time that was! Totally stepped into my gifts! I would repeat that program 10 times over if I could! It was like magic school!

During that time I experienced sooooo much inner healing, growth and expansion. ”Healer, heal thyself" was my motto. It was important to do the "inner work" and "lighten UP" so that I could be of clear service to others. I jumped into my own inner transformation....faced, cleared and forgave MANY different “issues"....from this lifetime and times past. It wasn't always an easy path, however with divinely aligned teachers, mentors and tools, the journey became much easier.


Without going into the detailed "story" and re-igniting things that no longer have a hold on me....I would say the BIGGEST things I had to face and release were: childhood sexual "stuff"; betrayal and mistrust; depression, feeling lost and disconnected; and money, scarcity and self-worth issues. I can say with 100% certainty and personal knowing, we can heal, transform and lift from ANYTHING. Everything can be forgiven and completely released. And we can be FREE and live HAPPY!

Doing a little inner work gives way to more play & incredible joy in the every day!

Every journey is beautifully unique and wonderful! And there are MANY tools for healing and transformation! ALL offer as much healing as one believes it can heal! The key is to sample the tools, connect with the modalities that work, and then dive in. Fear can arise from the ego.... that pesky little gremlin that seems to "sits" on our shoulder and tell us all the reasons why we can't, shouldn't or things will never work. This is where dedication to shift is utmost important! When we can walk through the barriers or resistance and stop feeding the gremlin, we enter into a realm where healing is possible and miracles can become a daily occurrence!

Doing our “inner work” can offer GREAT GIFTS!....We free ourselves from the holds and pains of the past, we experience more vitality, joy and creative life force....and life begins shaping itself around us in ways that match our dreams! I have witnessed sooooooo many miracles in my life and with clients....more than I can count. Doing "the work" is sooooo worth it!

Some monumental miracles to mention.....traveling around the world to experience freedom and divine flow!....Led to the intersection with my divine partner, King Gabriel, while living in Los Angeles! Married within 6 months, lived in Trinidad, Ireland, Mexico and finally back to Canada after immigration came through....Accepted the most precious angelic gifts into our lives....miss Aria Sky - born in 2016....and Cruz & Chase - born 2018!

Life these days has taken on new "meaning" and new balance. I fully embrace this work-play-family-friends version of life! I will admit....I've been a work horse most of my life....inspiration and passion will do that! And building and growing a healing/coaching biz that I adore with thousands of clients around the world never really felt like work!


Fun Facts

LOVE cafes & goooood espresso....with real heavy cream!

I love to play & have fun!

I love making silly sounds & talking in accents! Would LOVE to do voice-overs for animation!


My kind-of-yoga: kundalini, with a little hatha flow, meditation & restorative or a looong savasana to end.

Facebook & Instagram kind-of-girl!

If I wasn't a healer / soul coach.....I'd become a singer! And judge on "The Voice"

If I could have a new superpower: teleportation!

Most days I feel like a fairy-angel-magician-CareBear : )


Sun sign-Aquarius | Moon-Taurus | Ascending-Aquarius

Birth date Numerology: 5

Name Numerology: 22 / 4

Fav. place to be: anywhere in nature

Fav. type of movies: fantasy or comedy

Fav. music: think James Taylor,

Van Morrison, Otis Redding; country;

the 80's; anything with a reggae beat!

Top 8 experiences to date?

  1. our daughter & our twin boys

  2. "out-there" experiences in meditation

  3. energetically doing energy healing on Michael Jackson

  4. meeting Gabriel at Agape

  5. time with our family pets

  6. meeting & giving Louise Hay an intuitive healing session

  7. expert coach on "LEAP" with Jack Canfield &                 John Gray

  8. living in LA!

A Moment of Awakening!!!


A number of years ago I was spiritually and intuitively guided to let go of all I knew about myself, everything that I had learned, and empty.....not an easy task. However, in doing so I felt a tremendous sense of peace, freedom, expansion and inner happiness wash over me! For the first time I could actually say that I was HAPPY....just in being....without having to do "my practice", without having to affirmation myself there. In emptying I was left with my truest self....complete Source energy.....and real happiness. I felt as though I had returned to the simplicity of Spirit.....and LOVE, clarity and LIGHT. 


Because of that experience I choose to embody the fullness of my being and express in all sorts of ways! Some days I show up as pure love, some days I show up as frustration, some days it's an all-round creativity blast, while others days are slow and low to the ground. Whatever shows up in a moment is perfect! There is great freedom in unconditional acceptance.

And each moment offers another opportunity for a new and wonderful level!

Copy of Copy of HARK!
enjoying lunch
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photo_2021-02-16 12.48.16

Let life be the greatest expression of awakening & creativity possible! the end of the day....."What do you do???"

This has always been such a BIG question! How do you take the universe and all that's in it and put it into a little labeled box? I've always had an interesting time defining what I do.....I help women and men get clear about their highest path, access their divine gifts, create ways to share their gifts with the world, ignite trust, confidence and self-value, and experience loving, harmonious relationships!


I know for sure that I am a vessel for light, clarity, love, compassion, and spiritual teachings. I know that I am here to contribute my gifts to the cosmic pie to creating "heaven on earth" we ALL are! I love helping people get clear, reconnect to their expanded self, remember who they really that they too can live a fully inspired and creatively expressed life!


And over the years.....I have watched clients and students create incredible freedom, build new beliefs that elevate them, embody their gifts, tune into a higher spiritual knowing, enhance their intuition, become “healers”, create “work” and business that inspires and changes the world, fall in love with self, harmonize relationships, become empowered, clear their mind, flow with abundance, experience inner confidence and self-worth, and create a life that is truly amazing!!!

Soooo.....there it is.....that's me in a nut-shell : )  Thank you for allowing me to share a little of my journey......AND...I look forward to getting to know YOU more deeply and soulfully along this journey!

I wish for YOU.....sooooooo much LOVE, goodness, clarity and jaw-dropping awesomeness! You are soooo worth it!

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