How to Live Your Best Life During Uncertain Times

Welcome back to the Rising Consciousness blog!

Today, we are so excited to discuss how to live your best life during uncertain times. This topic is so relevant, especially with everything going on in the world.

When we live through uncertain times, everything can feel very unstable internally and externally. It might feel like you will never live your best life or be your best self.

It feels hard to create the life we want because everything seems to be working against us.

These are the top tips that have allowed us to rise up during these times of change and uncertainty.

In this time of uncertainty, many people have opinions. Most of you guys might have heard that saying, opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one, and they all stink :) !!!

Sometimes those opinions get in the way. So it's beautiful that we're taking a look at this. Because I believe that it can lead to the point where we're able to see things more objectively. We will be able to get into a deeper understanding of how we can thrive.

It's about raising our consciousness, changing our viewpoint, and allowing ourselves to look at things from more than one perspective.

I had to look at my own opinions of everything that is going on in the world. From there, I went deeper. I asked myself, what is really happening?

Okay, so there might be fear, there might be uncertainty, there might be instability. There might be questions about your job and, and all those things, right?

All these things that we think are stable and constant are no longer there. When those things are threatened or when they're taken away, it stirs up the shadows within us.

Uncertain times tend to bring things to the surface.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings begin to bubble up, causing us to be very reactive and create disintegration—the exact opposite of what we need. Right now, we need more integration, wholeness, and oneness.

The mind likes to divide things into categories to make sense of it.

But the idea of love itself, and the concept of connection, is to remove those divisions to have that be one seamless, beautiful experience. We can head towards that, we can get towards that we can achieve that.

It requires us to drop the division and stop the judgment.

We are breaking down those divisions and moving towards oneness.

That's the purpose of us really diving into this right now.

Living your best life during uncertain times requires you to see things from many different perspectives.

The Power of Perspective

We love to use this analogy in our Thrive 365 group. When you pick up a rock, you have the option to pick it up and look at one side of it, or pick it up again and look at a different side or angle of it.

You begin to get curious and examine the rock from all different angles giving you a broader perspective.

It opens your mind, it opens your consciousness, it opens your viewpoint.

So we sometimes get caught up in those perspectives.

Too often, we get caught up in our own perspective because we want to be right about where we are and what we see.

This limits you from viewing the entire picture.

What we really want is to integrate that and be able to see all sides. We can recognize that multiple views can be right. There is no need to make others feel wrong.

Moving through life like this allows us to value other people's viewpoints and see them as beautiful people with perspectives.

This will set you free to create the life you want and avoid wasting energy defending your perspective.

It's also important to be gentle with ourselves and not make ourselves feel wrong.

In the world right now, everyone is supercharged and extremely reactive. Everyone is fighting to prove right or wrong. But if we can learn to see varying perspectives and see them as equal.

And also to be gentle with ourselves to not make ourselves wrong, either. You have to really be able to look at all varying perspectives.

By doing so, we create more cohesiveness and openness in our space and in our hearts. From there, we can connect more deeply, not only with ourselves but with each other, which elevates the human experience. It lifts the soulful experience.

In this place, we are more in alignment with the higher consciousness part of us than the lower consciousness experience.


Higher Versus Lower Consciousness

The higher consciousness and lower consciousness topic is really a matter of how close we are to the divine aspect of ourselves.

The lower consciousness keeps us separate, cut off thinking of others' opinions as wrong and ourselves as right.

Whereas the divine perspective sees that varying views and understandings of the world are beautiful.

The divine perspective sees others through a lens of love, understanding, and connectedness. The divine perspective sees what is pouring out of you that is positively contributing to the world.

When you look at the world in that way, you will see more of that in yourself. From that point, you can work on cultivating your life, increasing your experiences.

It's not about the comparison or competition. It's not about who is right and who is wrong. It's about shifting the perspective to a higher consciousness state, which allows us to live freely.

It allows us to stand in the truth of who we really are.

On the other side, if you choose to only view one way, your fixed mindset closes you off from everything else.

Consciousness is ever-evolving and ever-growing.


Moving Through Judgement

When it comes to us being able to live our best life right now, we stepped out of the norm, stepped out of what everybody else thought we should do.

Especially regarding our kids. When they were about two, we got this strong pole, this strong feeling within us the guidance was very, very strong to leave our house, put everything in storage, move down to Mexico for the winter.

We were in Mexico, having a great time, enjoying all the loveliness and we started getting some judgment from people back home.

People kept saying, you're going to do what now? You're going where now? Are you guys crazy? You're doing this with three kids under three years old? What are you thinking? What are you doing? What are you going to do about school with Aria? What are you going to do about this? What are you going to do about your business? What are you going to do?

We got question after question because we were stepping outside of the norm.

All I could do is come back to my truth and say, we're listening to the inner guidance that's being given to us, we are dialing into higher energy, higher truth, and listening to that, and following the flow, and following what feels good.

That decision was not actually a hard decision. It was one of the easiest decisions we made as a family unit. Because it felt good because it felt in alignment. We were following the flow.