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Tara's Professional Bio

Tara Antler is the Co-founder of Ascension Academy of Light with her husband, Gabriel, where they empower Families, Light-Workers, Leaders and Business Owners to consciously create thriving, aligned and purpose-led lives! As an Intuitive Healer, Soul Coach and Spiritual Mentor since 2002, Tara has soulfully worked with over 14, 000 clients one-on-one to clear the "ick and stick" of life, connect to the highest self, and create a life that beautifully flowing and abundant!


Tara has shared her wisdom teachings with millions of people on various stages around the world, including in India to over 20 million in one moment! She was a Relationship Mentor in The Coaching Movie "LEAP" with John Gray, Jack Canfield & Marci Shimoff. She is a published author of "The Healing Manual" and Divine Wisdom Oracle Cards, and Tara and Gabriel are the co-hosts of the Rising Consciousness Podcast. Tara has successfully built several healing businesses and retreat centres in Canada and online. Tara has trained as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Sound Healer, Theta Healer, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Yoga Teacher.


A full-circle healer-highlight was giving Louise Hay of Hay House an intuitive healing session while she visited Toronto! Tara has been mastering meditation and yoga since she was 14! A practice her and her husband use daily as they navigate being soulful parents to their 6 year young daughter and 3 year young twin boys!

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