Thrive 365

The most supportive, revolutionary & comprehensive manifestation & transformation program in the known Universe!

If you want your life to positively grow, connect with higher self and spiritually expand, create health in all aspects of your world, and easily and quickly manifest.....

is your next step!

Thrive 365

Imagine having loving guidance,  soulful support, the most aligned tools & accountability 365 days of the year....that will keep you in positive momentum!

Accelerate Abundance!

Powerfully Heal!

Raise Your Relationships!

Connect IN & UP!

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The Past


Fear & Lack of Trust


Stress & Strain

Lack of Vitality




Control / Over-Control


Depression & Anxiety


Health Challenges


Isolation & Loneliness

Relationship Conflict



Old Version of Self

Pain (body, mind, emotion)

Scattered Thoughts/Mind





Who is this platform for?





Financial Flow

Ease & Peace



Health & Vitality

Practical Spiritual Tools

Loving Relations

Connection to Guides

Connection to Higher Self

Love, Joy & Fulfillment


Happy Relationships

Harmony & Acceptance


A Beautiful Life

Career Fulfillment


Magnetized Abundance


Cultivate New or True Self

Clear Direction / Guidance


Soul Purpose & Calling

Prosperous Business

Where Spirituality & Manifestation Meet

In this Thrive Training...

Increase intuition and inner clarity.

Receive direct guidance from your soul!

Expand your Spiritual connection, path and life!

Become your Higher Self!

Learn to Channel and connect with Guides, loved ones past, Angels, etc!

Create a powerful, loving connection to your Higher Self, Creator, Guides and Spiritual body!

Increase and activate your frequency and vibration!

Establish a new, healthy and abundant relationship with money!

Increase your ability to manifest amazing experiences, a beautiful-rewarding life, your dreams and goals!

Powerfully stay in the flow of prosperity, health and wealth!

Establish a new and healthy relationship with your self and body! Create the physical body and health you want!

Heal and rewrite the painful stories of your past! You know...the stuff that you've learned, taken on, and practiced. Let's powerfully and easily get-it-gone!

Increase your ability to self heal (the healer within)!

Strengthen ALL of your meaningful relationships!

Attract relationships that elevate your life!

Quickly and easily heal, shift, and transform your health, wealth and relationships by using practices that require only 5 minutes a day!

Collectively and consciously create a global world or experience that is loving, beautiful, abundant and thriving for all!

Amber Hutchinson

Masters in Archeology & Professor

"I was feeling really stuck. Everything seemed to be in transition with little progress (health, finances, relationships). Attending Tara's Abundance class was truly inspiring & addressed the issue head on. I saw manifestation unfold before my very eyes immediately after! I experienced a positive health change, relationship synchronicity & the next day was offered a job opportunity I was really hoping for."

Wil Beaucher

Film Producer, Writer, Screenplay Creative

"I can't say enough to express my gratitude to Tara and King Gabriel for making such profoundly positive changes in my life. These are not small changes, they are changes that will positively change who I am for the rest of my life. The kind changes that are powerful enough to ripple throughout my family, friends, and all I come in contact with. Thank you, for being the change. You're amazing. Thank you Thrive 365!"

Owner & Founder at

Dana Ben Realty Group.

Mother of 3 beautiful Children Wife & Business Owner

When you master your intuition and connection to your Spiritual, every breath, every moment becomes a beautiful, expanded, joyful, freeing experience! You truly and fully THRIVE!

When you master your ability to consciously and positively create, you truly are FREE!
You are not confined by the material world. You are no longer limited. Once this money thing is taken care of, and you truly stand in your power as a Master Manifestor, the foundation of your life is strong and steady. You then get to rise UP! Life becomes incredibly joyful! You really can (and will) actualize or create anything!

When you master your ability to heal and tend to your health and your relationships...all of life (including YOU) glows! Relationships are the foundation to our experience on earth. They are everything and everywhere! We interact with others ALL the time!

Wouldn't it be AWESOME if you could create and have everything your heart, mind and soul calls you toward?! Wouldn't it be FUN to truly experience money, financial, relationship and health freedom?! Wouldn't it be wonderful to live from a space of clear guidance, spiritual truth and in alignment with your purpose on this path?!?!

Thrive 365 has been intuitively and divinely designed to help you do exactly that (and more)!

 The Curriculum 

  Bonus Content: Soul Strategy Life & Biz Sessions + Life Purpose & Path Session & Healing Circles + Stabilize & Rise Sessions!!  

The Past


Fully clear & heal old, outdated stories - money, relationship, health, etc.


Release the unhealthy programs from your subconscious.


Renew & Revitalize your mind, body, heart & emotions.


Soothe the parts of you that experienced pains.



Transform & Elevate your relationships!

Learn how to powerfully connect to YOU & your higher self!

Create a healthy, supportive, strong connection to your intuition!

Build trust, allowance, clarity, confidence & certainty!



Learn powerful, effective & efficient tools to elevate & transform health, wealth, mind, emotions & life!

Receive intuitively guided meditations that support your journey IN & UP!

Embody the teachings with ease & see the results in your life quickly!



Receive energy attunements for abundance, health, intuition, higher self & spiritual elevation!

Activate Your Youthfulness & Abundance Genes!

Become a powerful healer!

Experience expansive LOVE, higher soul connection & truth about your purpose!

Louise Hay

Founder of Hay House

Author of You Can Heal Your Life

"Tara is one of the most loving, kind, gentle and gifted healers I've met along my journey. She is wise biological beyond years. And she holds such beautiful, powerful space that allows your innate ability to heal to rise from within.


I loved our session together and adore your light. Thank you."

Rev. Michael Beckwith

Founder of Agape

Speaker  & Author

"King Gabriel walks his talk in the areas of education and inspiration. I believe the Absolute Realization Coaching & Healing is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to come into harmony, well-being & abundant living."

What does it all look like?

Weekly Live Online Training Classes (1 week with Tara, following week with King Gabriel)

Monthly Creation Circles for an entire year! (where you get to actively, energetically & consciously create with precision)

Learn & practice the Thrive in 5 Methods™ that create fast, long-lasting shifts in 5 minutes a day!

Access to the Private Online Portal (live trainings, tools, meditations).

DAILY support by Tara & King Gabriel -  accountability to thrive, energy healing, additional tools & teachings to support you & live, loving, accessible support for 1 year.

Access to the Private Thrive 365 Group on Facebook (where we get to support one another, connect and create conscious global community)


  • Thrive in 5 Method & Practices

  • Money & Manifestation Mastery

  • Healing & Relationship Mastery

  • Expanded Intuition & Higher Self Mastery

  • Spiritual Mastery

Upon Completion....GET CERTIFIED in The Ascension Method:

  • Level 4 Money Mastery

  • Level 5 Relationship & Healing Mastery

  • Level 6 Expanded Intuition & Higher Self Mastery

  • Level 7 Spiritual Mastery

through Ascension Academy of Light!

Dominique Cadeau

Owner || Creator || Dreamer
The Crystal Vault Artisan Boutique

The Abundance Mastery has given me the tools to manifest anything in my heart's desire - finances, love, and personal growth. I now have the tools to manifest and the confidence to continue creating.


From feelings of rejection and money scarcity to now feelings of gratitude for the endless opportunities. Since the course I have purchased my dream home, have had countless financial blessings and opened my own physical business, something we worked on during our creation circles!


I can’t say enough about the positivity Tara has reflected into my life and I look forward to everything else that is about to unfold!

Healer & Intuitive Card Reader

Soulful Mother

Adriana Liane

I went through 19 years of trauma and with Tara and King Gabriel's help they have helped me heal in ways a therapist couldn’t have and I’ve only been apart of the program for 1 month 1/2.


I feel like the person I was always meant to be but got lost. I connect with them so deeply! They are an amazing team who empowers others to heal.

Definitely Recommend 💗💗💗

Anjali Handa

Manager || Learning || Development at

IPG Mediabrands

Seminar Leader at Landmark

Tara’s Abundance Accelerator course has become a design for living. Having access to her, as well as the group participating, has been instrumental to my healing and creation for how I want to live.


I highly Recommend her course to anyone who is ready to so yes to having the abundant life they are meant to have.

Andrea Allumay

Owner || Operator || Performer Cairns Premier Entertainment - DJ's & Live Music

Singer & Actress

Tara and Gabriel have assisted me big-time by bringing to light my blind spots - the things that were holding me back that I had a hard time being aware or objective about.


I am now conscious of my old patterns and as a result of knowing that, I have been able to deal with any challenges much more quickly and create much more easily.




Thank you my beautiful soul sister and brother!!

 Total Value: $29,500  








 INDIVIDUALLY - $13,000 





- $5200







Choose the Payment Option that's Best for You....


Payment of

$1111 CAD

+ 12 Monthly Payments of $467

Payments of


$575 CAD


Payment of

$6200 CAD



(Save $700)

By consenting to the purchase of Thrive 365 - pay-in-full or payment plan - you agree to completing the program and complete the payments. If you choose to release from the program before your 365 days, you are legally obligated to complete or pay for any outstanding balance or remaining payments. This statement and your registration serves as a legal agreement between you and Academy of Light, Tara Antler and King Gabriel Quincy Collymore.

Why Thrive 365?

Heal and clear pains of the past, hang-ups and hooks.

Release anxiety, depression, worry, fear and other emotional disruptions.

Reprogram and redirect the mind (away from destructive patterns and into supportive, creative ways of being and thinking).

Create and attract EVERYTHING you need - money, opportunities, love, peace, happiness, physical resources, health, harmonious relationships.

Consistent, daily accountability for the elevation and transform you want to make.

Create a beautiful, supportive, loving relationship with money.

Become a clear channel for manifestation, intuitive guidance and The Light.

Accelerate your ability to create or manifest with ease.

Increase vitality, energy, abundance, joy and happiness.

Improve and harmonize your relationships.

Experience a profound connection to The Divine and all that you are!

Tara Antler

Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach.

Got to give Louise Hay an energy healing session!

Meditating for 27 years!

Favourite style of Meditation: Guided Visualization!

Loves being a mom!

Loves creating!

Loves REALLY good espresso!

Grew up in Northern Ontario.

King Gabriel

Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher.
Worked at the Agape International Spiritual Center in LA California!
Meditating for 36 yrs

Favorite style of Meditation:


Loves Music, Athletics, Creative Arts and good food!
Helped thousands to improve their lives and health globally.

Meet Your Teachers/Guides/Mentors....

Your Path to Ascension!

In working with over 10, 000 clients each and 1000's of workshops facilitatated, we've found that there is an inevitable path to Ascension!

Sometimes clients come to us for, and start with, healing their relationships or health or money.....and then naturally roll into the other areas of life because they are all connected. There is a natural progression....a natural flow....a natural evolution that takes place.

Once these 3 base or foundational pieces are taken care clients feel empowered, confident and strong. They naturally and easily expand into all the other "juicey spiritual stuff" that we all love!

Intuition expansion and higher self clarity are easier when all "that earth stuff" is taken care of! When basic needs are met. Spiritual elevation is easier when our channel, heart, throat and 3rd Eye are open and clear!

Thrive 365 is THE PERFECT flow, most aligned path, most naturally occuring step-by-step to ascend spiritually, grow personally and transform deeply and easily!

Are you ready to Thrive in this 2020 year?!!!

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.....12 months from now....Your life is completely transformed, elevated, joyful and abundant! Thrive 365 was one of THE best decisions you made in 2020! You received all the tools, support and guidance you needed! You are manifesting with ease, healed the past, expanded your intuition and strengthened your connection to the Divine! You are living the life you've always wanted, you are THRIVING!


You're able to shift and lift in 5 minutes a day, your life feels easy, flowing, intuitively guided, spiritually elevated like never before....and you feel empowered, strong, light, and happy!

You are deeply connected to self, higher self and creator energy! You have clarity of to shift on a dime! Free! Aligned! Confident! Over-flowing with gratitude!

Pause here for a moment....What does your version or vision of Thriving look and feel like?

And are you ready to receive it?!

If YES!......Click the "Register NOW" button and lets fulfill that vision together! Can't wait to see you on the other side!

Tara & King Gabriel

By consenting to the purchase of Thrive 365 - pay-in-full or payment plan - you agree to completing the program and complete the payments. If you choose to release from the program before your 365 days, you are legally obligated to complete or pay for any outstanding balance or remaining payments. This statement and your registration serves as a legal agreement between you and Academy of Light, Tara Antler and King Gabriel Quincy Collymore.

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