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Next Certification Starts in

In this Training...

Learn how to intuitively and powerfully rise the vibration of others so that they may effectively and easily heal.

Discover powerful coaching and healing tools that you can easily use to create soulful transformation and alignment!

Learn a powerful framework for creating sessions that are intuitivley guided, higher self directed and light-filled!

Feel confident, aligned and authentic as a heal and coach!

I am grateful I enrolled in Ascension Coach healer! After taking this program I finally am proud to call myself a healer that I have always meant to be. I learned so many tools to help transform not only my life but the lives of my clients. I love how Tara & Gabriel alternate teaching each class so I could learn from both of their unique teaching styles. I recommend this course for someone who is ready to have a tool box filled with tools to transform your life & with the many others you serve.

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Cassandra Rosa
Intuitive Life Coach & Healer & Author

Crystal Ball


Yoga Instructors
School Teachers
Business Owners
Doulas & Midwives

Counselors & Therapists
Spiritual Practitioners
Massage Therapists
Retreat Facilitators
Athletic Trainers


Who is this training for?

Meditating on Beach


Spiritually Grow
Feel Empowered
Deepen Meditation
Navigate Life with Ease
Strengthen Manifestation
Empower&Support Others

Receive Tools for Healing
Improve Life Conditions

Improve Relationships
Expand Intuition
Create Calm



to powerfully create, shape & live their life with purpose! Help others fulfill their intentions with ease & accuracy!

Louise Hay

Founder of Hay House

Author of You Can Heal Your Life



on their path to healing, soulful transformation & energy alignment! Utilizing THE most effective healing & coaching tools!

Rev. Michael Beckwith

Founder of Agape

Speaker  & Author

michael beckwith.jpg

Magical, flowing living!

Share Your Gifts with the World!

Marliena Di Giuseppe
Intuitive Life Coach

Suzie Robichaud
Intuitive Healer & Author

  Additional Bonus!

Soulful Business

Set Up Your Business + Get Clients, Get Paid
($3333 Value)

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 7.26.20 PM.png

What does it all look like?

Neat Computer Desk

Online Training over 6 Months! (2 modules per month).

Live Integration & Implementation Classes over 6 months (2 per month).

Live Online Business Mentoring (Inner Circle) for 6 months.

Lifetime Access to the Private Membership Portal.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 12.20.47

12 Practicum Sessions where you can practice what you've learned and receive feedback!  

Upon Completion....GET CERTIFIED through Ascension Academy of Light! (Required to attend 90% of the classes, facilitate sessions & be the "observer" for your fellow classmates.)

Listed on our Website and Social Media as an Ascension Coach & Healer!

Opportunity to become an Ascension Guide within our community, for our clients (if you complete Thrive 365)!

Studying in the Library

Upgrade and immerse yourself in Thrive 365 - a powerful Spiritual Incubator where you get to Master Manifestation, Healing, Intuition and Your Higher Self Connection!

Or upgrade to Light Leadership, which includes Ascension Coach Healer, Thrive 365 and Leadership Calls!

Light-Leaders & Workers......Teachers.....Aspiring & Current Coaches & Healers.....Visionaries.....Truth Seekers.....

.....Are you ready to actualize your gifts, share your light & assist the world with this next level of awakening & ascension?!

.....Are you ready to make a big, beautiful, lasting impact in the world?

....Do feel the inner call to heal, lead, coach & be of service in the Highest way possible?

As a collective...we are transcending & transmuting so much! We are elevating into the Age of Aquarius! Many people are seeking spiritual guidance, clarity & attunement. They are ready for you to share your light & guide them!

The time is now!

Virginia Maskel Fantasia
Intuitive Healer & Meditation Guide

Get a feel for a few of the classes....

Tara Antler

Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach.

Got to give Louise Hay an energy healing session!

Meditating for 27 years!

Favourite style of Meditation: Guided Visualization!

Loves being a mom!

Loves creating!

Loves REALLY good espresso!

Grew up in Northern Ontario.

King Gabriel

Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher.
Worked at the Agape International Spiritual Center in LA California!
Meditating for 36 yrs

Favorite style of Meditation:


Loves Music, Athletics, Creative Arts and good food!
Helped thousands to improve their lives and health globally.

Polished Stones

Spiritually Conscious
Coaching & Healing

There are soooooo many opportunities to lead or facilitate, heal and coach in today's world! Sooooo many people are waking up and are searching for guidance....

And...the Coaching and Healing world is exploding right now!
Which is wonderful!

This is why it's soooooo important to be conscious as to what you're taking in through your ears, energy and mind. So that what you're saying and facilitating is clear and positive. You literally have the power, through your words, to change someone else!

It's essential to become masterful in healing, coaching and mentoring.

Ready to Become Your Full Self!

Nefertiti Rosa
Healer & Mentor

Let's expand where you are.......

....You're feeling the higher know you're here for something big & want to serve! You're ready to leap & become a powerful coach, healer & leader!

....You're already coach, healer or leader & you're craving a deeper embodiment of powerful, mind-body-soul practices that expand you, your business & your clients!

....You're ready to receive highly transformational tools that grow your capacity to create positive change for your world, you, your clients & your legacy!

Imagine for a moment...

....You have fully stepped into your gifts! You have embodied new, powerful tools and teachings! You have expanded your own energy, life and confidence! You are radiating sooooooooo much light that people can feel your essence! They want to work with you.....they just feel aligned with you....knowing that you can help support them along their journey!

You completed the 6 month Ascension Coach and Healer feel soooooo grounded and ready to go!

You are equipped to see clients, you have a beautiful toolbox with effective tools for healing, transformation, elevation and manifestation!

Your business is ready to thrive to the next level!

.....Now fast forward to 6 months from now....You are seeing clients, serving humanity in a BIG, beautiful way! Your clients and students are receiving incredible transformation! Their lives are now thriving!

And as a, your life and your business is thriving! You are standing in your value! You are seen! You are heard! You are powerfully fulfilling your purpose on the planet!

......All of this and infinitely more is possible! We've seen this exact scenario unfold for hundreds of our students and clients! Are you ready to step in and up and actualize this too?!?!

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