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Let's talk about $$....

Hello friend!

Over the past week or so I've had an abundance of conversations around money, scarcity, lack, fear around money and how to get out of a financial sh$t-storm.

As always....the Universe or our Expanded Self is always crafting scenarios for us to grow....divine alignments for us to clean the old and shift UP. And....I feel we are in another collective collaborative shift....this time all around money, finances and abundance (or lack of). This means old patterns resurfacing and repetitive cycles showing up again even after we thought we had healed that part of ourselves.

If you've found yourself asking or saying...."What the hell? Why is this happening again? I just want this to end...I'm so tired of this. I can't do this like this anymore." are not alone. If you've heard yourself saying, "I thought I was doing so well....I know about manifestation and vision boards and The Secret....and yet my life is not where I want it to be."....again I totally get it. I've been moving through my own inner limitation thoughts around abundance and am being shown an evolved way of interacting with the world of money, finances and prosperity.

Every time we grow we stretch into a new version of self and life experience. We are given time to integrate and play in that new version....until it's time to shift, lift, elevate and grow again! And it is prime-time to do just that!!! Yay!!!! cut to the do we free ourselves from the stressful, painful, gripping and frustrating fists of scarcity, lack, limitation, not enough and fear? First we need to recognize what's happening and what's coming up. (watch the video below for more insights)

And why is the usual way of manifesting not working the way it used to? Because you've grown....or rather out-grown the old model or framework and are ready for something NEW and MORE POWERFUL and MORE EFFECTIVE and EASY!!! Just like updating our apps on our phone, you're ready for an ABUNDANCE UPGRADE! Law of Attraction Version 10.0! Abundance Flow 8.0!

In the following video I bring through some new insights I've had around ABUNDANCE, MANIFESTATION, MONEY AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!!'s not that the Law of Attraction isn't's always working! If we find ourselves in a state where we're not receiving what we want or what we've sent out.....there are a few things that could be happening:

1. You may need to clean and clear your inner world so that the signal going out is super clear and strong.

2. You may need to strengthen your magnetic field so that the Law of Attraction can work with ease and grace (I go into depth on this in my new Money, Miracles & Manifestation course!!!).

3. You may be sending mixed messages and the Universal Energy may not know what to send you.

4. Perhaps you've forgotten an important mechanism....receptivity and receiving....There are 2 flows to abundance - giving and receiving!

5. Or, you may need to get into a JOY-filled state where you love life again!

(For my IN-sight letter (newsletter) subscribers I have shared a powerful meditation to help align with abundance and get the upgrade! If you sign UP, I'll email it to you as well!)

I would LOVE to hear from YOU! What are your thoughts on abundance, manifesting, money and prosperity at this time? Was this video helpful? Let me know how I can be of service to you! Life flows and feels such much more joyful when we are healed and free from the pains of finances and when abundance is ever-flowing in our experience! Know that I'm here to support you.....

If you're looking to REALLY UPGRADE YOUR ABUNDANCE I invite you to a POWerFULL 3-week program that covers: MONEY, MIRACLES & MANIFESTATION 8.0! Get on the waiting list for the next round!!! In this program I'll be sharing the NEW way of abundance that I've been intuitively receiving! I'm soooo excited to share!!!

Wishing for you ALL the ABUNDANCE & GOODNESS this Universe has to offer!!!! YOU ARE ABUNDANT!!!

Tara xoxooooo

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