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Are you being "re-organized"?

"Sometimes the Universe has to "black-hole" everything in order for the new to re-emerge! Remember....You are the Universe, the planets, the cells, the elements and the creator! You are more powerful than you think....." - Tara Antler



Over the past few weeks I've been acutely aware of this sensation of life being re-organized...both internally and externally. And about uncomfortable.....Strange.....Familiar, yet unfamiliar......And confusing. It's like the Universe / my Soul said, "Ok.....time to clean house. Time to reset EVERYTHING. Time to realign to what's to come."

From clients, I've heard the following statements - "I don't know....I just feel off." "I feel lost, confused and out of sorts." "I feel life won't let me move forward with anything."

Any of this sound familiar???

As I listened....I hear the following from my higher self, " does feel unsettling, confusing and off. That's because you're becoming someone, something different than you were before. You are, as you call it on earth, Up-leveling your life. In order for the new to come through, the old must fall away. And these days it's happening rather quickly because you are all ready for it. You've all asked for it. You have all placed wonderful creations in your field and the time is here to align to them. This is exciting and also means you must be willing and open to let go of the old.

Sometimes this may be physical things, structures, relationships, places of dwelling. For all, this will create a falling away of old internal constructs and belief systems. And when the old falls away, it can be extremely uncomfortable to the ego - identity.

Our best advice to you at this time.....just like spring cleaning your house or closet.....put on some fun music and get down into it. Set aside the time to go within and use your breath to release the old. It is falling away anyways.....we say, release any resistance to the letting go and speed it up by using your breath to release it consciously. Don't take it too seriously and then go play while the shift is occurring.

Remember, there is a time for everything. A time to create and a time to unravel. You are all in a massive time of cleansing, that the new can be seamlessly rebuilt. Not upon the old, but rather from a clean, clear state."

Wow! What a relief! I can go and play.....I can dedicate the time to consciously release the old.....I can trust.....and I can listen to some fun music while I shift! Can you???

As I reflect back on other times similar to this.....what's on the other always greatness, flow, ease, joy and a wonderful surprise of blissful creations in fruition! I choose to set my focus there.....and remember that i am supported. I am held. I am being re-jigged, re-organized for some greater, more beautiful purpose! I can rest in that while this Universal-Soul-Black-Hole passes through me life....and creates the new in the process!

I hope this brings some alleviation to your heart and mind....and that you can rest in trust....knowing that everything that is occurring is for your greatest unfoldment! On some strange and awesome level you / me / us.....chose this! As we are the Creator, the Universe and everything that exists within it!

MASSIVE LOVING soul support your way!


Intuitive Soul Coach & Inner Alchemy Facilitator! Helping you step into and live the greatest version of YOU possible!

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