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How to Live AWESOME in REALationships!

After last nights full moon I felt called to write about REALationships : )

All relationships have their growing phases - we first meet someone and are excited by the new spark of this interaction, we invest energy and time into the relationship, and it begins to flourish and take root in our life. We cherish this person and wish for this loving, honouring phase to last forever. We respect each other, we see the best in each other, we love everything about this person. We are excited when we get to spend time together. And we can't imagine our life without this person. all goes haywire.....What went wrong? Why do we see all the faults and imperfections? Why are picking at things this person says and does? Why is it that we find ourselves in conflict, rubbing up against each other, feeling a little more critical and less unconditionally loving?

Sound familiar?

We all go through at some point in our life in all the varying types of relationships. The experience of relationships is to expand who we are and grow beyond our limitations. To do this we often get triggered by another, our buttons get pushed and we find ourselves in a place of uncomfortableness. This is a critical point in any relationship phase. We can choose many different responses or reactions to being triggered or "hurt"....many of us have ignored, stuffed down the pain, ran from the relationship, judged, talked poorly about the other or found ourselves in explosive arguments. Does any of this leave us feeling good? Does any of this mend or heal the conflict in the relationship? doesn't.

So, then....what can we do or who can we be to create more harmonious interactions, to move through the triggers, and to heal the rift between you and another?

You can always take a positive step forward in your learning, expansion and growth! You simply need to choose what's more important....LOVE or conflict....?

You can also empower yourself by learning new tools to move through the realm of relationships.

You can make a choice to heal your past and release harmful patterns, beliefs and relationship paradigms.

You can do all of this and learn more about what you're learning, how to get the gift and get out of conflict easier, attract the ideal partnerships, and heal your current relationships....all with loving our Relationship Framework Program we cover all this and more! Click here to check it out!

In the are some AWESOME ACTS you can choose/take now:

  • First, don't take any of the triggers or conflict personally.

  • Second, be easy on yourself and the other person. We are all growing and moving through this thing we call life.

  • Third, take a deep breath and reset yourself.

  • Fourth, do whatever you can to return to a space of love. When you feel love within you will have more compassion for any situation, person and self.

  • Fifth, refrain from complaining about this person or situation, let go of any blame and remember you are both learning something from each other, and release any need to be right. When you're fighting to be right you can't see the gift that is coming from the rift.

Know that you are loved, know that all relationships are here to help us grow, and know that you are amazing just because you are here experiencing life in its fullness!!!!


Tara xoxooooo

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