Rising Through Change

How to Navigate Change - Rising Through Change

Hello beautiful souls, welcome back!

We are back with another discussion about rising consciousness and how to rise through change.

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People often ask, how is rising consciousness possible when it feels like everything in your life is falling apart?

Is it possible to cultivate rising consciousness during changes and difficult times?

The answer: yes!

Many of our clients communicate to us that they want to feel abundant, they want to feel happy, but they feel stuck in a situation. Maybe they lost a loved one or their job.

When tough situations come up in life, it’s normal to feel a drop in consciousness. It might feel like the sky is falling, but it’s actually a drop in consciousness.

So, how do you cultivate a state of higher consciousness when everything feels like it’s falling apart?

The first step is to recognize that change is natural.

Trees grow and then as they age they eventually break down and fall over.

Even buildings will last 100 or 200 years, but eventually, they will erode and change.

Everything in this world is subject to change. Change is a natural part of life.

It is the most certain thing in this life—change is inevitable.

That shouldn't come as a surprise to you.

We expect everything to remain the same in an ever-changing world. This expectation sets us up for a drop in consciousness when things inevitably shift.

We prefer things to stay as they are. If things remain unchanged, we enjoy that certainty. Once things begin to shift and become uncertain, fear begins to show up.

Fear of the unknown and uncertainty of life causes discomfort.

When we are comfortable, we tend to avoid change.

For example, our daughter Aria says, Mommy, I don’t want to get older. I want to stay exactly like this.

She wants to stay in this state where she is held and cuddled. She sees how her brothers are changing before her. She recognizes the difference and has developed a preference. She wants to stay like this because she is unsure of what is yet to come.

This is true of us as adults. We are unsure of the future.

Maybe some of you are psychic or psychically tuned in, and you might get a little head start. You might get a glimpse of the future. But we can never fully know 100% what is in store for us.

Another scenario is people actually want to change because they feel stuck in their current situation.

They think, get me the hell out of here, I don't like this, I don't want this, but I'm not sure how to make it change.

In this situation, the ego-self is afraid to change. It has become comfortable in the uncomfortable. It reminds me of the saying, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.

The ego-self finds comfort in the predictable.

What you have right now, you are accustomed to. You know what you are going to get.

Once you shift into the unknown, fear starts to seep in.

Many people dislike change, even if they are changing a bad situation. They are not sure if the change will bring something worse.

Fear of the unknown causes people to resist change. But what might be uncertain and scary to the ego can be exciting for the higher self or the rising consciousness. The higher self knows there is growth in change.

I realized, with each stage in life, I can find little treasures that I love. If I limit myself to staying in one era, I miss out on all the other tiny treasures.

With raising children, each stage of their growth brings its own unique experiences, and sometimes you want to hold on to those moments, hoping they will never end. But the problem with that is that you miss out on so many more beautiful moments and transformations.

If we try to hold on without allowing that natural progression, transformation, and change to occur—we miss out on advancement.

Change is an opportunity for growth.

If you want to view change as a loss, you can, but it is more fun to see it as an opportunity for growth and transformation.


Change doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

If we reframe how we think about change, we can start thinking of it as this incredible opportunity.

This is something I practice.

Now, I really thrive in change. I love change. If things become too constant, I start getting a little batty.

Having kids allows us to experience daily change. Our business allows daily change, spiritual partnerships allow daily change, walking the path of evolving our consciousness allows daily change.

We are open to every moment of the day, so it has actually become something we enjoy.

Not to say, we don’t experience moments we want to hold on to, or that change never creates a feeling of discomfort.

For instance, I love summer. I thrive during summer. When the leaves begin to change, I want to hold on to summer because I know once the leaves change and fall away, the trees will be bare, and the winter will settle in.

When I see the leaves begin to die, my mind jumps to the future, taking away the enjoyment and beauty of the moment.

Each season has its own unique beauty and transformation. If we are too focused on what’s to come, we miss out on the beauty of the current moment or season of life.

Change is inevitable, but we can stay present in each moment and enjoy the transformative beauty.

By worrying about what’s to come, we lose the opportunity to see the beauty that’s right in front of us. We miss the growth, the transition, the transformation that is happening within us and around us.

The coolest thing is if you are willing to let go and allow things to fall away without expectation or fear. You might be pleasantly surprised by what is around the corner.

I've been pleasantly surprised by this November. It's been beautiful. Just yesterday, for instance, the sunlight shining on all the trees. It was one precious moment, I would say, one of those moments that you wouldn't want to miss. The light reflecting from those trees was silver, creating a brilliant white light down the path.

You wouldn't see that in the fall time. And I wouldn't see that in the summer either, because the forest is full of green leaves.

So this is the beauty of change. We can accept that change is happening and just embrace it. You get to see all these things that you would have never even seen that are beautiful, as well, and be pleasantly surprised.


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