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Once we've opened our eyes to an expanded world we don't want to go back to sleep! When we've created the business or money we desired....we often still feel an inner though something is missing.


That missing piece is YOU....the FULLY expanded YOU!!! Your spiritual SELF! Just waiting to be invited in! We feel a pull to continue our evolution and growth! Our curiosity is peaked, something deep and profound stirs within....and we begin the most fulfilling, joyful, extraordinary journey of our lives! An exploration of the SOUL!

The programs have been intuitively created to ignite within you the highest expression of YOU possible! Life is much more vibrant, joyful and fun when we are filled up, living in the light, aware of our expanded self and journey, and consciously choosing our life.


We are each such beautifully gifted and creative beings! it is time to live an expanded life, a more full life, a more connected life, and a more harmonious life!....With Soul and Spiritual connection!

Current Offerings

Monthly Meditation Classes with Tara Antler
High Vibe Channeling Circle
Guides, Angels, Higher Self with Tara Antler
Intuition Meditation Practice
Expanded Intuition with Tara Antle
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