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Wake UP Happy!

Hello beautiful!

Have you ever wanted to just wake up and feel happy? You wake up, rise and shine, open your eyes from a rested night's sleep and just feel happy.....?

Last year, deep within the winter months, I had that very thought or question flash through my mind. I remember looking out the window into the pitch black. sky scattered with a million twinkling stars, and said out loud to Gabriel (my husband), "I just want to wake up happy. Without doing my practice, without practicing my way, without moving myself into that space.....I just want to feel happy and know happiness from the inside out." I then posed a question upward, "Is this possible??"

The answer slowly and steadily drifted into my awareness and I heard, "Yes. However, you need to let go of all you know. Your mind has become so full, so filled up that there's little room for your natural self or state to arise. Let go of all you know......"

It seemed so simple and yet I knew it as truth. So, I took a deep breath and made a choice to let go. With a few deep exhales, I released. In that moment I felt a quiet stillness run through me.....Very little thought.....a faint and steady feeling flowing through my awareness and body. I closed my eyes and fell deep asleep.

The next morning, as my eyes first opened and saw light streaming through the window, I can honestly say that felt true, deep, genuine happiness flowing through me from the inside out. I didn't have to "do" anything - no affirmations, no prayers, no gratitude journal, no visualization....just pure, simple, flowing happiness!

Since that day the same feeling has been with me most days....and on the days that I wake up stressed, reved up, mind reeling, anxious, sad or tired......I know that I have over-filled myself yet again (very easy to do here in this earth experience) and it's time to take an eternal breath and release all that I know once again. And it never fails.....that same happiness feeling rushes through straight from Source and from the inside out!

If you can relate to this desire.....I've created a short list of practices that can help you wake up happy too!!!! It's well worth the experience!!!!

1. Let go of all you know!

2. Give some thought as to what you're listening to on a regular basis.....Is it positive and uplifting? Do you feel great afterwards? Or does it leave you feeling low, sad, diminished? Start choosing positive things to listen to throughout your day.....AND especially before you go to sleep.....that's the most important time for mind re-patterning. If you want some support with this....I have recorded 8 powerful positive mind-re-patterning audios that you can drift off to sleep with each night (click here to access them).

3. Become aware of your first conscious thoughts upon waking? If they are not serving you / or not positive....SHIFT them into intentional thoughts that leave you feeling GREAT!

4. Gratitude WILL help you get there! Creating a gratitude journal, listing at least 5 things per day that you appreciate will open your heart, recondition your mind and set the tone for happy vibes!

5. Say NO to negative news, nay-sayers and negative thinking. This is HUGE! We are bombarded by all sorts of subliminal messages....and most are not positive or happy-inducing. Try on a practice of eliminating all negative news or all news for one week and see what happens and how you feel.............!

Happiness is your natural state.....we've just forgotten and have been told otherwise. It's time to align back into our higher state and feel the happiness that is waiting for you!!!!!

Leave your comments in the section below and let me know how your happiness practice is going......


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