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HAPPY HALLOWEEN....Or, All Hallows Eve! The day when the veil is thinnest between worlds!

Have you ever wanted to connect, or have been curious about connecting, to the other side??

It's easier than you think. Especially today, when the veil is thinnest between our world or reality and that of the other side.

This particular day is known as All Hallows eve, a day that was celebrated by many because it was a rare opportunity for us to connect with loved ones beyond the veil.

I love Halloween because I LOVE connecting with Spirit and communicating with those passed on! There really is nothing to fear. There are soooo many beings on the other side who love you, who support you, who guide you along your journey, and would love nothing more than to connect with you and share love and insight with you!

So.....How do we connect to the other side?

1. Take advantage of this 24 hr window. With the veil of separation thinned out, if is easier than normal to talk to and hear our beloveds.

2. Find a quiet place to sit, light a candle, dim the lights and get comfortable. Begin by following your breath and allow your body and mind to rest.

3. Set the intention with your mind to connect to a loved one past, a guide or an angelic being.

4. Imagine a bubble of pure white light all around you so that the highest energy is called forward and all is seen and experienced in the light.

5. Once you're in a relaxed meditative space, ask a question or call forward this person. And then relax again and wait for a response.

6. Trust whatever you feel, see, imagine, think or experience. Your imagination is the medium that creates a bridge between your intuition, higher messsages and you.

7. Be patient. Be still. Just Be.

Spirit, your guides, your loved ones do not want to scare sometimes their messages are subtle as to make this experience loving and beautiful. Sometimes all we experience is a feeling. If you want something to be magnified, ask for it to magnified. "They" will work with you and where you're willing to go.

It is such a gift to connect to the other side. It allows us to know that we're not alone and those we care about are really not that far away.....just a blink, a breath or heartbeat away.

I would love to hear about any of your experiences!!!!! Email, text, call me, or leave a comment in the box below!!!! I'm here to share in your expansion and experience!!!!!!


Happy Halloween! May you be lifted to higher light, may you be blessed beyond blessed, and may you have the most spiritually uplifting and joyful day!!!!


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