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How to Live AWESOME in your job!

After our Evolving Relationship workshop last night we were all already buzzing and fully emanating LOVE! So to stay in the flow of this community compassion energy we decided to go for dinner in Toronto. The first place we walked into had a wait of 2 hrs.....we were a little bummed because we were craving Mexican.....however decided to walk further up Yonge Street and ventured into a little Italian restaurant called Trio. They happened to have a table for 6 at prime dinnertime on a Saturday night!

After a few minutes sitting at the table we overheard a server at another table telling the guests about the night's features. He was so passionate about what he was saying that our group of 6 stopped talking, paused and tuned in to what he was though being drawn in to the most beautiful conversation we had ever heard. We all commented on how much he seemed to love his job. Then our server came to the table to tell us about the features.....and well.....we were a little flattened by the definitely didn't come with the same enthusiasm as the other server. But we got the just of it.

Secretly in my mind I wished for the other server to come to our table and do his thing.....and without hesitation....poof....there he was. He asked us if we heard the specials for the night. We said we had and also that we'd love to hear them again from him because he was so passionate about the delivery and his work. With a smile on his face and a sparkle of light in his eyes he began! We were instantly lifted to food-menu bliss....salivating at the description of the food being passionately spoken to our ears.

We seemed to have made his day! The rest of the night was blissful, filled with fun-loving conversation and laughs and winding down to the end of our night I asked our server if he would take a picture with us....not of us. I also said, "I'm launching a new series called How to Live Awesome and you totally represent AWESOME. You seem so passionate about your work and we completely appreciate your energy and presence!" Again, he lit up!!!! Thrilled by the expression and filled with appreciation!

Moments after the picture we heard another round of happy birthday being sung in the restaurant and when we turned around, to our delight our server was walking toward us, with a dessert and lit candle in hand, singing, "Happy awesome day to you, Happy awesome day to you, happy awesome day to all of you. Happy awesome day to you!"

I was smiling soooooo hard and my heart was filled to the brim, overflowing with pure joy and a childlike giddiness! What a treat!!!!! He said that he was so touched by our gratitude that he wanted to celebrate our awesomeness!

I love what happens when we flow with life, being open to share light and can witness the joy in others. This man was definitely living life fully and choosing to feel, emit and be joyful, passionate and totally awesome in the work that was doing!!!! And this lit us up!!!!!!!! It totally topped off our already amazing day!!!!! can we each live awesome in our jobs???

  • Choose how you want to be. You can choose to feel or think or be anything you want. You can choose to go into work happy and passionate regardless of what you're "doing". Or you can choose to go into work already miserable, tired and expecting yuckiness. Either way you will get what you choose......It's up to you!

  • Put a smile on your face no matter what. I know there are days when the crap is hitting the fan and you really don't feel good or happy. Try just smiling anyways. And then observe what happens. Your smile will feel more and more natural and you may actually begin to replace those yucky feelings with the feeling of a smile.

  • Take a deep breath and let go of what ever is plaguing you. You do not have to carry around anything you don't want to. Take a deep breath and choose to let it go.

  • Begin a new conversation....with self. Begin asking self, "How can I feel more passionate about what I'm doing? I open to receive a new way of experiencing my job." And then observe the changes in perspective in your day-to-day flow.

  • And if you really don't like what you're doing.....get out. There are a million different options that we have available to us in any moment. You do no need to stay stuck in a job that you really don't like. Get creative, step outside your comfort zone and take a leap of faith in the direction where your heart feels a resounding YES!

Until next time......LIVE AWESOME!!!!!!


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