We joy-FULLY welcome you into our Soulful Community!
You have a  Sacred Spark that can only be expressed as & through YOU! ALL of your being is asking you to ignite,  shine & share  that spark!
There is a constant call that encourages you to dream, explore, create, connect & spiritually evolve! To create a life experience that is TRULY exceptional & AWEsome!

Become part of our Soulful Community! Receive regular INsights & my website exclusive  "Life Follows Your YES" Meditation + Masterclass to live joyfully, radiantly, with clarity!


Hello beautiful!

I'm Tara Antler!


An Intuitive Healer (18+ yrs), Spiritual Teacher (my whole life), Soul Coach, author, mom (to Aria, Chase & Cruz), wife & positive lover of life! I am dedicated to helping you heal the past, gain soul clarity, activate your divine gifts, live in  abundance, become your highest self & create an extraordinary life filled with 

joy, love, flow & fulfillment!

Throughout these pages you will find tools, courses, one-on-one services & retreats designed to help you live from your Soul....your most expanded, fulfilled, awesome self!
Helping you focus your YES on where you truly want to go & who you really want to be!!!! And helping you create happy relationships, over-flowing abundance, health & a purpose-filled life!
I invite you to explore the ways we can connect!
Everything here has been divinely created to ignite your light & create UPward movement for your mind, body, emotions, life & soul!
We are powerful soul-travelers speeding through the galaxy, experiencing this thing we call life! Each moment filled with potential for spiritual expression & expansion! Every bump on the road offers an opportunity for growth & higher awareness! Every interaction a chance to love & listen a little deeper.
This journey CAN be joy-FULL, BE-autiful, healthy, freeing, FULL-filling, abundant & blissful! You are deserving of health & vitality, harmonious relationships, overflowing abundance & purposeFULL work in the world!
To see how life is being shaped around you, ask yourself, "What am I saying YES to?"
Life is constantly creating itself around you - through your beliefs, thoughts, wants & don't wants, focus, intentions & the past. "Life follows your YES!"......
Where are you focused? And does this focus bring you great joy?
Michelle Cleveland
Tara’s Expanded Intuition course was a such an enlightening experience!  
I had the pleasure of attending the classes in-person and benefitted greatly from interacting with fellow participants and enhancing my skills.
Tara is a truly inspiring healer and teacher who generously shares her unique gifts with others. Prior to this course I often second guessed myself or didn’t understand that there were signs all around me. Her teachings have enabled me to really tap into my inner voice and learn to fully trust my intuitive abilities. I now have the ability to follow my instincts and this gift has allowed me to lead a more purposeful and joy-filled life! 

Soul Awakening


Become part of our Soulful Community! Receive regular INsights & my website exclusive  "Life Follows Your YES" Meditation + Masterclass to live joyfully, radiantly, with clarity!

An Entrepreneur's Spirit in Action!

Among many things, I know myself to be a highly creative, soul-centred entrepreneur who loves to see ideas in action & form! Here are the current creations that are active for YOU to enjoy, explore & expand in!

Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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