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Get ready to expand yourself anything you've known to date!

Energetically, Sedona has some of the most powerful vortexes in the world! It is said that what ever you carry inside of you will be amplified and magnified by the spiritual energy that exists there! I can 100% speak to this! I've personally been to Sedona 3 times....each VERY powerful and completely life changing and  expanding! Literally catapulted me into the next level of my life!

Activate & Accelerate in

Powerful Sedona!

Join us in for a magical, high vibe Retreat in Sedona, Arizona!

June 15th - 18th


If you're ready to take the next Soul Step in your journey and feeling called to shake off the old and REALLY expand ALL that you are.....we would LOVE for you to join us for this powerful 4-day retreat!.....Where we're going to explore the vortexes, activate our DNA and energy field, accelerate our intentions for our lives and receive high voltage energy support for the life we want to create and live! It truly is a magical place! And I can't with to share it with you!

Are you ready???? YES??!!!

Let this retreat be a space for you to align with your Soul-version-Self, receive the Soul Support that you've been craving and surround yourself with other like-minded-hearted-spirited travelers. Submerse herself in the high vibrational energy of Sedona itself! It alone will transform and open you in ways that words, books and teachings cannot!


Want to have fun with a great group of goddesses while elevating spiritually?

Feel drawn to explore Sedona & meditate while centering in powerful vortexes?

Want to take a HUGE leap in your spiritual mastery?

Want to rest & renew while taking in the views of red rocks formations & mountains?

Would you like to start your morning with yoga, meditation & soul-connection time?

Enjoy being with other like-hearted travelers invested in soulful awareness & conscious living?

Would you like to explore the beauty & spiritual energy of Sedona?


If you've said YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place at the right time & would LOVE this retreat!


Let this retreat expand you & your life! Time to LIVE LIFE FULLY & JOYFULLY, while treating yourself to a beautiful, nurturing, soulful extended weekend away from the day-to-day buzz of life!!

Where your Soul Awakening journey will unfold....

This retreat will take place at a private villa (The Lighthouse") in majestic, breath-taking Sedona, Arizona! Sedona is truly one of my most favourite places on the planet! With high vibrational energy that will literally expand your life! The private villa we have chosen is set right in the heart of Sedona with panoramic views of the vortexes, the red rock formations and Oak Creek! The contrasting colours of Sedona are beyond words.....they leave you with a feeling and imprint in your mind's eye!

The Light House incorporates the principles of Feng Shui to create an environment that is energetically aligned promoting harmony, serenity, creativity and vitality. And beautiful "cleansing crystal" is strategically placed in the center of the house to ensure a healthy environment.


The villa is over 4,000 square feet, 6+ bedrooms, 8+ beds on 1.5 acres, with a private yoga/meditation room, gorgeous gardens and salt water pool. It was created by merging Indonesian, Japanese, Moroccan and East Indian cultures. Its warm, inviting rooms are interspersed with comforting courtyards, peaceful meditation gardens, hanging lounges, tranquil pools and restful waterfalls. The villa offers a full sensory environment enhanced by inspirational natural and handmade architectural essentials: pebble stone walls, hammered tin lights from Asia, custom furniture, hand carved doors & banisters.


The villa was also created with 'Green Architecture' - positioned for windows to take advantage of winter sun heating and summer shade cooling, the windows are energy efficient, 50% of the lumber is from certified sustainable sources, the stone are from regionally extracted sources, the interior paints are nontoxic, the ceramic tile and natural stone are installed with low toxic mastic and grout, the casework is formaldehyde-free, the irrigation system has rainwater sensors so vegetation is not watered during rains, non toxic cleaners are used throughout the home, and most of the mattresses are made of organic materials.

Join us!


please email or call for details as to where to send your deposit / payment



Every day, there will be:

  • three fresh, delicious meals and snacks prepared by our private chef

  • daily meditation, yoga (kundalini, restorative, relaxation and hatha) and qi gong classes for all levels

  • energy-activation sessions at a different vortex each day

  • daily tours of 3 of my favourite vortexes

  • time to slow down, soak up the Arizona sun, swim in the salt pool, lounge, explore Sedona, be with nature, and connect with Self

  • time to connect with other soulful peeps on this journey with you

Private Sedona Villa Rates - 2017


Double Occupancy               $1060 USD  (includes tax)

Private Occupancy               $1260 USD   (includes tax)


Rates are listed PER PERSON and include accommodation, 3 delicious meals a day, snacks, 2-hour Vortex Tour & Soul Sessions per day, all yoga / meditation / Qi Gong classes.


Rates exclude flights, shuttle to and from the airport (we are happy to help you organize) and any excursions or additional treatments (massage, energy healing, etc) you choose.




When you book your retreat you will gain access to the Soul Prep Sessions - 1 before the retreat starts to get you and your energy field ready for the powerful experience of Sedona! And 1 Soul Session after the retreat to help you integrate your expansion!!! (value: $200)

Register Now!!!

TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE: Because the retreat is happening very soon.....we would require minimum 50% of retreat fee by April 30th and the balance due by May 21st. Excited to create magic with you in Sedona! It's one of my most favourite places in the world! I've been 3 times and every time.....pure magic and high vibe energy!!!!


Due to Ontario travel laws, we can only accept payment for the "workshop portion" of the retreat. Your payment for accommodations will be sent directly to

Join us!


please email or call for details as to where to send your deposit / payment



This retreat promises to take your life to a whole new level!!!....That is invaluable or worth everything! The only time you have is NOW.....and if you're are already getting the feeling to shift and lift!!! I know that you'll love this experience and can guarantee a FULLY expansive experience that will have all other areas of your life boost and accelerate!!!


We can’t wait to share this beautiful time and space with YOU!

Tara, King Gabriel, Aria Sky & Special Guests!

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