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Ready to re-calibrate, reconnect, stabilize...and to have THE MOST loving, nurturing space held for you?

Join the



1 DAY BLITZ! Friday, May 8th

Heal, transform & reset during this time of global change. Access higher clarity regarding your path & how to thrive at all times. This workshop will help you to refocus, connect more deeply to internal calm & provide a blueprint to have a thriving life with ease & efficiency!

  • Transformation at the Speed of Life!

  • 1-Day Retreat together to shift & lift!

  • Practices that only require 5 minutes a day!

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"Since the Thrive in 5 Workshop....I've had an incredible positive change in my attitude, perceptions, beliefs, habits concerning $$$! I can't thank Tara & King Gabriel enough for their amazing super powerful life changing's only been a few short weeks....I'm changing & evolving so much for the's exciting & energizing to be making so much progress that the people around me are noticing :-) So freeing to be utilizing my ENERGY for positive!!! I love y'all for all the input & sharing! I love this fantastical tribe here in our group!!!"

- Felicity Moon

Hi Sweet Soul!

Pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Know that you are completely supported and held. Take another deep breath...ahhhhh.

We're in an unfamiliar time...strange feels as though we're in some sort of strange, eerie movie... And...Through all the change and upheaval, consciousness is changing. Consciousness is rising. It has been said, "The Phoenix rises from the ashes".


What do you want to rise into?


This upcoming "Thrive in 5" online workshop will...

  • your journey to creating what you want.

  • ...uplift and nourish you (and bring some laughter and joy into your day)!

  • you reset and reconnect you to your Soul's purpose, steps, and intentions.

  • ...powerfully refocus your mind in the direction you want to go.

  • ...lift you out of emotional chaos and instability.

  • ...connect you higher and deeper to your spirituality or spiritual self.

  • ...strengthen your ability to manifest with ease and precision.

  • ...create a thriving life experience in health, wealth, relationships, and spirituality!


We're here to love and support you....and to facilitate this next shift in human consciousness.


LIFE is meant to THRIVE. YOU are meant to THRIVE. WE, as a collective, are meant to THRIVE. And during our 1-Day Blitz together (plus a few bonus content and Q&A days) you're going to laugh, maybe shed a few tears, expand, shift, have a few aha's, and receive some powerful and effective tools that you can easily use each day to change your mind, shift your emotions, heal your body and create life with joy.

-Tara & King Gabriel

Ready to re-calibrate, reconnect, stabilize...and to have THE MOST loving, nurturing space held for you?


"Tara and Gabriel, thank you for being living examples of genuine love, for uplifting like none else. I personally feel like you transcend duality and teach from that space. You are both so embodied in all that you share, the experience and practice that enables you both to shine that way shows. And the practicality is what amazes me. Heavenly and down to earth at the SAME time. 🌬💧🔥🌐 Thank you from the seat of my soul!"

- Sarah Vogel

Having twins and a 3-year-young daughter...our available time to meditate, get everything done, be with the fam-jam, and be of service in our business changed.


This caused us to get super focused, more efficient with our time and soulfully simplify our practices to elevate and transform! Since using the Thrive in 5 tools....we feel more grounded, centered, aligned, healthier than ever (even on little sleep), more creative, super clear, and refined around our manifestations!


It does not need to take a lifetime to shift, heal or transform. It requires the right tools, the most efficient practices and a desire to create positive change!

We can't wait to see you, get to know you and share with you all the high vibe goods in this next Thrive in 5!

Tara Antler

Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach.

Got to give Louise Hay an energy healing session!

Meditating for 27 years!

Favourite style of Meditation: Guided Visualization!

Loves being a mom!

Loves creating!

Loves REALLY good espresso!

Grew up in Northern Ontario.

King Gabriel

Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher.
Worked at the Agape International Spiritual Center in LA California!
Meditating for 36 yrs

Favorite style of Meditation:


Loves Music, Athletics, Creative Arts and good food!
Helped thousands to improve their lives and health globally.

Five days together to shift & lift!
Practices that only require 5 minutes a day!

©Tara Antler 2020 | Ascension Academy of Light

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