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Get a personalized, signed copy of The Healing Manual delivered to your door!

This book offers the reader an easy path to healing all areas of their life. Inside are tangible tools and insights that will transform your life and the way you view healing!


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The Healing Manual - Signed Copy


    A Guide to Healing ~ How to experience health and wellbeing in all areas of life!


    The first three steps anyone can do when “healing” is required is:
    1) take a pause

    2) tune in to our own self and body

    3) find out what it needs.

    Whatever you are moving through in your life taking time to listen is an essential part of healing. By asking a few easy questions, you begin a fascinating and eye-opening journey inward - discovering more about you, why things happen, and the connection to the world around you. Some great questions to start with are:
    Am I experiencing physical symptoms or imbalances?
    Am I feeling “off” emotionally?
    Do I find my thoughts running “a muck” in my life?
    Am I feeling out of control?
    Am I feeling “cut-off” from life itself?

    Throughout this book you will discover how easy it is to heal and return to harmony in all areas of your life. You will learn how to listen to your body, its signals and what it’s telling you. You will learn how to work with the mind instead of being run by it. You will uncover the powerful force of your emotions and how they can let you know what’s going on under the surface. And you will receive powerful healing tools that can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone.

    I invite you to take this healing journey with me and REMEMBER HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE!

  • Once payment is received and you provide us with your address, your book will be shipped out within 48 hrs.

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