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Join me for a powerful, loving, soulful & transformative Winter Solstice Clearing for Creation! I've pre-recorded it so that you can do this at any time. The holidays is a busy time and I know that anchoring everyone in together at the same time may not be ideal. This way you can tap in, shift & lift when YOU create the right space! I would highly recommend that you do this on or before December 22! (12-22....high vibe day & there's a full moon peaking at 12:48 pm EST that day!) Powerful amplification & energetic support!


Then in 2 we enter the new calendar year of 2019....we will gather again (live - online) for a creation intention, amplification & acceleration class on the new moon!!! On Sunday, January 6th at 12 pm EST for a 90 min creation circle & class!


These classes will help you:

  • tap into powerful creative energies
  • cleanse yourself from 2018 energy so that you're free & clear to step into 2019!
  • plant new energy & seeds of creation for 2019!
  • get clear on what you want to create & stand in it fully!
  • receive support and high vibe energy to blast your creations into the Universe....and receive them back in form!
  • vibrationally atune you to the creative life force...that will help with manifestation!


Special Winter Solstice Clearing & New Year Activation!

  • .....access to the class will be emailed to you!

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