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Reiki is an ancient healing art that has graced the planet several times throughout our existence! It is powerful and beautiful healing modality anchored in LOVE! Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy" which comes from source or the divine and is connected to every living being.

Over the past 10 years I have intuitively taught Reiki classes to hundreds of students. I teach the course in a way that is current with present day while maintaining the foundation from the past, infused with spiritual insights that are intuitively guided and channeled for the students at that particular time.

Length of Course & Investment in Self:
Level 1 - avg 15 hrs - $300 + HST = $339
Level 2 - avg 12 hrs - $300 + HST = $339
Level 3 - avg 25 hrs - $1000 + HST = $1130
(Master Level 3)

One-on-one rates available. Please connect for details.

Intuitive Reiki Course

Reiki Levels:

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