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This Harvest Full Moon class and meditation will
  • guide you into full receptivity of the goodness that is just waiting to flow in!
  • help you clear any resistance to receiving (yes...many of us have blocks to receiving)
  • walk you through a beautiful meditation of allowance!


I normally would lead a live-online class....however it is today-TODAY after all....and a feels like an MP3 download is the way to go for this one!

If you've attended any of my live or live-online classes before, you know that they are high vibe, super supportive, transformative on every level and complete elevation in energy!


Can't wait to share the goodness with you!

Harvest Full Moon Class

$44.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
  • email will be sent your way with the downloadable link (class and meditation).

    (hang tight...sometimes the server takes 5 - 30 minutes to receive the order and send the goods your way)

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