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Powerful self healing and transformation toolkit!

Lifetime access to the MP3's, meditations, spiritual teachings, and tools for healing!

Healing is actually a very easy and simple process. In this course you will discover the tools necessary for your own personal healing of some of the big "icky sticky" things that many people are moving through at this time:

  • PTSD
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fear, worry, heightened stress


The content within this healing kit includes:

  • healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • create a Pristine Body state through Meditation
  • open the heart and breathe deeper with a powerful and loving heart meditation
  • soothe and nourish the emotions
  • redirect the mind so that it supports your journey
  • receive direct energy healing


The parts and pieces of this program are all a part of Thrive 365 and even more. This is a great starter healing kit.

Empowered Healing Kit

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