Join me for this powerful online MASTERCLASS & MEDITATION!!!! 2016 numerologically is a "9" year....cleansing, clearing and releasing the OLD & OUTDATED! And 2017 is a "1" beginnings, new cycles, new creation!!!


I'm excited to clear out the old and whatever is remaining that we don't carry it into our new 9-year-cylce....and then powerfully and soulfully create our 2017 with ease, guidance and support!!!!


If you can't make it live, we have you covered! Everything will be audio and video recorded!

Clear the Old & Create the New

  • Once you're registration is received you will receive an email with login information. And if you can't make it live, no worries....we have you covered with a high quality MP3 and video recording!

Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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