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Welcome to the High vibe Channeling online live-taught class with participants across the globe!


We "meet" online for 90+ min. Talk about channeling, lovingly support one another, share what's happening in our lives, receive some 1-1 support and guidance....and then get to connecting to and channeling high vibrational energy! I walk us through a deep trance-like meditation so that we can access LIGHT, channel, gain insights and clarity, receive healing and support, and really "dive in and connect up"! Each week we focus on a different theme (based on what's happening energetically or within the group and/or a different "realm of beings" - angels, guides, loved ones past, ascended masters, fairy realm.....Intuitively guided and chosen....always in alignment with the group. And this time....we're opening the lines so that each person can give and receive messages for each other! (Sometimes....our sessions are all about US receiving light, love and energetic healing!)
Years ago I was a part of a circle like this in Toronto, where we gathered every Wednesday for a was sooooooo powerful, insightful, inspiring and uplifting!!!!! And fun!!! And doing this type of "work" in a conscious group.....the experience is totally amplified and magnified!!!!

The Circles have been in existence for a year and a half! Currently they are on-going....on Thursday evenings from 8 - 9:45 pm EST. And you'll receive the recording (MP3) afterward for future meditating!


There are 2 options for participation: (includes HST)

  • One-time access to class - $60
  • 6 class pass (you get to choose when you can attend) - $300


(If you are curious and only want to attend a few classes here and there, it is $50 / class. Please message me for payment options.)


AND....if you're new to the group I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase the 1st Channeling Circle classes (for only $180)! We covered the basics of channeling and the various realms / beings that we connect with!

High Vibe Channeling Circle

  • Once your payment is received you'll receive an email from me with all the login/access details!

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