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I'm excited to share this powerful Full Blue Moon Meditation Class with you!


The theme and energy of this class and meditation - awakened presence....the key that opens the door to infinite possibilities! We don’t have to have the answers...right now it's all about divine trust and flow! When we can finally let go and drop into our heart path, we will experience our freedom and aliveness. Our Soul is ecstatic with this full moon! We are all feeling vulnerable from all sides in all directions. Not easy but necessary, evolutionary. Messages will be incoming. Trust those that are clear and kind and let that kindness sink into our hearts.
Astrologists are calling this Full Blue Moon the "alchemical ring of fire". "Happening in Libra on April 19th 2019 at 4:12 am PST / 7:12 am EST at 29 degrees which is called the “critical point”....with Uranus and Eris as key players there are major evolutionary energies bringing everything to an apex so there can be forward movement.(

Being that it's Easter weekend....and feeling that many will be traveling, with family, getting ready for the weekend, etc (trying to anchor into a set class time may be challenging this time around).....I decided to pre-record the content and meditation! So that YOU can ACCESS it at any time that feels good to you and works and flows with your schedule!

We will be illuminating our energy field, bringing our full self into alignment with our Soul's path and intentions, creating balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine sides of us and creation.....and strengthen partnership with self, our Higher Self and with our significant others!!!! Yay! Let's collectively bless it all and elevate UP! Perfect timing for this Easter weekend Full Blue Moon in Libra (balance and harmony)!!!!

April Full Blue Moon Meditation Class

$33.00 Regular Price
$19.00Sale Price
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