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Accelerate Abundance Your Manifestation Ability!!!!
  • Receive the first 2 Abundance Accelerators: Initiation + Activate
  • Increase your point of attraction & vibration
  • Receive the Vibratory Increase Meditation
  • Receive the Initiation Class & how to use the Accelerators
  • Receive a powerful Subconscious Clearing Technique to release & remove blocks or barriers to Abundance!
  • Uncover hidden blocks stopping your flow & clear & heal them.



Upgrade to Include.....All 6 Abundance Accelerators + Manifestation Mastery + Codes of Creation + Monthly "Creation Circles" for 12 months. All of these pieces are a part of Thrive 365!


Who is this for???

  • Those ready to expand & accelerate their life!
  • Those ready to be free from the past money stories!
  • Those who want to no longer be controlled or confined by money!
  • Those ready to receive abundance (in all its forms) & ideas into form!
  • Those who want to create & manifest at lightening speeds!
  • Those who are ready to create BIG things NOW.

Our clients, students and I have found that these ACCELERATOR techniques.....

  • easily & effectively remove the energetic & subconscious blocks that stop us from creating powerfully!
  • take us out of the "pushing, harder, what's wrong" approach and into divine flow, ease, grace and alignment!
  • revitalizes your divine life force flow of pure goodness & gifts to you!
  • brings your physical life into deep fulfillment & dreams in the air into fruition!

Abundance Accelerator - Initiation!

    • 3 online recorded sessions (approx. 2.5 hrs each)
    • 2 accelerator techniques & activations
    • 1 Bonus Meditation for Healing the limiting patterns in the subconscious
    • Vibratory Increase Meditation


    AND.....Receive a bonus "Get Aligned" energy call from Sedona....channeling all that high vibe energy your way! This will help you prepare your mind and energy! help support, stay connected and boost your creations!

  • We have a 3 payment option:

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