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Tara's Professional Bio

Tara Antler is an Intuitive Healer, SOUL Coach & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Author of The Healing Manual, International Speaker, and LOVE-Igniter. She is the Founder of Tara Healing Sanctuary, Your Soul Designed Life Radio-Podcast, Soul Navigation™ online membership and The Academy of LIGHT™. Tara has created several spiritual and healing certification programs, has worked directly with some of the worlds most prolific leaders in the new age community – like Louise Hay and Mikki Willis (Elevate TV), runs Soul Awakening retreats around the world, offers powerful online programs, and recently a featured Relationship Coach in the LEAP movie (alongside John Gray, Jack Canfield and several other world-renowned coaches).


Over the past thirteen years Tara has worked one-on-one with over ten thousand people around the world, including International Opera singers, acclaimed actors, Olympic athletes, and Top 40 artists. She has appeared on several television shows including The Comedy Network; CTV's Over the Bolts (assisting an Olympic snowboarder manage his mind and surpass mental blocks); MTV's ShowTown (holding "therapy" space for the cast while they move through their fears and complaints); The Discovery Channel's Mind Trip (one of thirteen participants who experienced supernatural phenomenon); and Roger's Day Time.


Tara has mentored and taught thousands of students in her own private practice (Reiki, A Course in Advanced Healing, Coaching to Mentoring, and Expanded Intuition) as well as in collaboration with The Transformational Arts College - Holistic Health Care Practitioner Program (where she taught and facilitated Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Chakra Theory, Subtle Aromatherapy, Vibrational Arts and Healing with Crystals); SPYNGA - Yoga Teacher's Training Program (where she taught Chakra Theory) and Exhale to Elevate (where she taught Meditation, Spirituality and Yoga to over 3000 people in Yonge-Dundas Square); Misty Tripoli's he World Groove Movement (guest facilitator - creating REALastionships); YOGAPALOOZA in Toronto (facilitated a fusion class of yoga, meditation and chakra groove for over 2000 participants); and several retreats for schools, school boards, and hospital conferences as a guest facilitator. One major highlight moment: sharing her experience of meditation to over 20 million in India!!


Through her insights and spiritual practices, Tara opens the heart, mind and inner eye of her students and clients so that they see all that is possible for them and really live into the flourishing life of their dreams with ease, awareness, joy and vitality. They experience a greater love within self, harmonious relationships, a heightened sense of clarity and confidence in their lives, and a deeper connection to their Source energy and life path. She helps people fall in love, whatever that means for them, helps entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level and helps to create powerfully conscious leaders in the world through a body-mind-spirit approach. Tara loves living consciously, with an open heart. She believes that we can all shine in our radiance, access more of who we are and really LIVE the LIVES we ARE MEANT TO LIVE!

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