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Intuitive Healing with Tara Antler

After working with over 10, 000 clients one-on-one over the past 13 years I completely enjoy and LOVE connecting with clients privately! It is a sacred time to tune-in to that person on the highest level and assist with the shifts that are occurring at that point in their journey!


Because this particular type of work is a combination of all the modalities I have learned, studied and practiced over 20+ years....there really is no such thing as a "typical session" and each session may look and feel very different from the one before. It's a very intuitive and divinely guided process, with grounded tools and steps to help actualize what you're working on and through.

A session provides a compassionate space for you to heal, rebalance, shift, clear, reset and remove the cobwebs of your past. It allows the mind to refocus on loving thoughts while the emotions return to a state of harmony and the body then has the space to realign itself - back to health, vitality and well-being. 

Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and clear the "stuff" from our past in order to release into our present, most amazing self! Other times we need some clarity and support with a new path we are headed down or insight as to what our higher self is telling us. Other times we are moving through so much that life feels as though it's falling apart and we could use some emergency healing or body TLC.


Each session is intuitively guided for the individual in that moment - tuning in to what YOU require, what YOUR higher self is asking for, and helping to receive clarity while aligning you to a path that is beautiful, loving and happy! As the facilitator of healing, I utilize all of the gifts that flow through me, aligning energy, activating the higher self within the physical, and ignite spiritual awakening. This frees blocked energy pathways, clears limiting beliefs patterns, rebalances the chakras, increases overall health and vitality, and returns the individual to their original perfect state of well-being. Energy flow is restored on all levels. The client often feels a beautiful cocoon of love, a tangible connection to self and a higher awareness of the soul's journey.

Let's begin a wonderful journey of soulful insights, accelerated growth, exceptional living and days worth waking up to! SOUL COACHING & INTUITIVE HEALING helps you to create beautiful shifts WITHIN - powerfully impacting how the external world shows up for you, develops a positive mindset and joyful direction, and completely elevates your experience of life.

***I recommend that first-time clients book a 90 minute there is usually more “stuff” that surfaces and that we flow through.

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