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What You'll Receive

Imagine....for a're at the end of 2019....reflecting on your year. Wow! What an AWEsome year! I had a BLAST! I created & played all-out, all-in with my heart & 100% plugged in to my Higher Self & vision! I traveled! I attracted more money than ever before! I surrounded myself with high vibe, supportive peeps! I experienced loving, kind, elevating relationships! I lived in actualized alignment with my purpose! I knew what it was like to wake up super-charged!...Alive!...Vibrant! I was the BEST version of myself! And I created with absolute ease, clarity, support & alignment!

What would that feel like to you?

(GREAT! AWESOME! OH YA!....just some examples ;)

Your next question, that springs to mind, might be...."OK, do I do that?"

Well...if you have 2 minutes....let us walk you through how to not only make this possible....but an actualized, tangible, powerful reality! Ready?!?

We lovingly present.....

The Ascension Mastermind

Spiritual Expansion, Personal Growth, Life Elevation

Each month YOU get to explore the realm of your Higher Soul Self, tap into & use The Universal Laws available t us for manifestation & life creation, refine your mindset, managing your emotions & use them to create with ease, receive loving support for all you want to create in this life & powerful spiritual practices to advance your personal growth!

During our time will get to:

  • increase your manifestation abilities & create what you want with ease!

  • wake up happier & more fulfilled each day!

  • have miracles as a daily experience!

  • experience radiant vitality in all you do!

  • have a grounded map for all you want to create this year!

  • actualize your dreams & ideas!

What's BIGGEST, most Soulful version of YOUR life?

This for You if.......

What's Included in Your Program:

You want to create & experience a life that is not just average. You want a life that is exceptional, awesome, inspiring! Your BEST life!

You are ready to receive tools for creation! Manifestation-made-easy & doable! You want to become a master manifestor!

You want to be financially abundant, free from scarcity, free from living pay cheque to pay cheque, free from worrying about money!

You want to elevate your current relationships and/or attract high vibe people into your life! You want to create & attract divine partnership!

You want to live your purpose! Be in alignment with your Soul's call & how to express that in the world & thrive while doing so!

You want to experience exceptional health, well-being & vitality! You want to feel youthful, vibrant & alive!

You want to thrive in all areas of life! You are spiritually growing! You want to elevate! You are invested in actualizing your BEST self!

  • 2 Monthly Ascension calls (90 min each). these calls will include spiritual teachings, tools for elevation, Q&A, meditation & intuitively guided energy attunements & activations!

  • 1 Monthly Mastery call with a guest expert!. Content based on topics or themes of life expansion that YOU are interested in (from the survey we get back from you) - could include mastery in money, relationship, healing, health, biz, life purpose, intuition, meditation, etc!

  • 6 30-min Private (1-1) sessions during the mastermind!

  • A personally assigned Soul Coach to each participant to further assist with your expansion!

  • Soul-work to complete in between sessions - to assist with your ascension!

  • Lifetime access to the content / recordings!

  • Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group with Live Check-ins, Q&A, group support & conscious community!

  • Unlimited text / email support with your Soul Coach!

  • ASCENSION UPGRADE: Includes a 4-5 day retreat where you'll receive retreat-exclusive Creation Codes, Spiritual Mastery Teachings & the goodness of retreating together in a high vibe location!


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