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Abundance, Manifestation & Creation

Our next Accelerator starts March 2018!

Join me for 6 weeks (7 classes + 3 months of continuing Creation Circles) of connection, activation, insight, transformation, healing & expansion! By summer you'll be playing in abundance in ALL areas of your life!


All designed to cut the time it takes to create....Laser focus your intention & direction.... Allow life to powerfully align with you....And experience abundance, loving relationships, health & financial flow!

Ready to Receive Everything?!


Click the "I'm IN" button below & you'll be taken to the "Soul Shop" where you can enter your name, email & payment information!

See you on the other side!

About a year ago I started receiving very distinct, exact, specific energy activations, meditations, hand mudras and techniques for accelerating manifesting and powerful creation abilities! I've been implementing them within myself, daily, since this "download".....and WOWZERS! Knock my socks off kinda creation, attraction and manifestation has been occurring continuously! Almost daily some AWESOME thing, opportunity or dream come true has arisen!

My clients, students & I have found that these ACCELERATOR  techniques.....

  • easily & effectively remove the energetic & subconscious blocks that stop us from creating powerfully!

  • powerfully clear the multiple tracks that subconsciously are creating your life....and refine to THE MOST powerful one....the one you want to manifest!

  • take us out of the "pushing, harder, what's wrong" approach and into divine flow, ease, grace and alignment!

  • ignite your inner creator - Source/Spirit/Soul/God force powerfully & tangibly!

  • create an infinite world of not only possibility....create & receive-ability!

  • revitalizes your divine life force flow of pure goodness & gifts to you!

  • brings your physical life into deep fulfillment & dreams in the air into fruition!


Please note: This ACCELERATOR is not for the faint of heart....and not for those who are not ready to receive pure awesomeness!

So then....who is this for???

  • Those ready to expand & accelerate their life!

  • Those ready to receive a steady flow of miracles, abundance (in all its forms) & ideas into form!

  • Those who are tired of the manifesting & laws of attraction process taking tooooooo loooong!

  • Those who want to create & manifest at lightening speeds!

  • Those who are ready to create BIG things NOW.....not in 6 months, not in 10 years.....etc....!

Over the course of our time together....

We're going to dive deep & connect UP like never before!

  • Includes 7 concentrated sessions together, with the 1st class to clear the subconscious old patterns!

  • 6 accelerator techniques & activations!

  • Uncover & clear hidden blocks stopping your flow or blocking your creations from arriving!

  • Get laser focused on what you TRULY want to create & manifest!

  • Unlock your soul vision & soul's directive for this life!

  • Learn 6 specific guided accelerator, energy efficiency techniques, activation & meditations that you can continue to practice after our time together!

  • 2 Bonus Meditations for Healing the limiting patterns & inner child.

  • I'll guide you through the ENTIRE process & be right there with you!

  • Personal time given to each of the participants!

  • Receive recordings of all the meditations so that you can repeat as often as you wish!

  • AND....there's something powerful & magical about being a part of a group....we get to hold high vibe space for one another which 1000-fold amplifies our intentions & creations!

Accelerate Your Life!


Simply click the "I'm IN" button below & you'll be taken to the "Soul Shop" where you can enter your name, email & payment information!

See you on the other side!

Bonuses! Continued love, integration & support !!!!.....

  • Receive the "Get Aligned" energy call that I did live while in Sedona....channeling all that high vibe energy your way! This will help you prepare your mind and energy for when we connect! (value $97)


  • Receive 3, 30-minute one-on-one sessions to help support your integration during and/or after our 6-weeks!!!! Valid for 3 months. (value $300)

  • Receive 1 Full Module of the Total Life Transformation (Physical Healing, Relationship Well-being or Financial Wellness). Contains 15-20 audio and video classes, tools and techniques, 1-3 Guided Meditations and 1 Theta Wave REpatterning Meditation. (value $300)

  • AND.....Take part in a monthly "Group Connect Call" for 3 help support, stay connected and boost your creations! (value $300)





OK!!!!! I'm in you say!? How do you register??

If you're BUZZING with're resonating with a Universal YES! Yay!!!! We are thrilled to have you!


I've included the link HERE to register! Or you can use any of the "register now" boxes to send in your payment : ) You have the option of a one-time payment or a payment plan.

Once you'll be sent an email with all the details & how to best prepare for our time together! You'll also be sent a handy soul-workbook that you can start using right away!


That's it! Easy. Simple. Flowing!

On the fence? Have questions?

I totally get it! Sometimes we feel the "YES" and have some questions or "things" pop up......No worries at all. Schedule a 20-minute clarity call with me or one of my amazing Soul Coaches so that we can help you move through any barriers, see if this is a great fit, get you flowing and, if in alignment, help you register!

Book a "Soul Step Clarity" call!

Let's get to powerful creating!


Click the "I'm IN" button below & you'll be taken to the "Soul Shop" where you can enter your name, email & payment information!

See you on the other side!

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