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Soul Navigation 7-Day Challenge!

Discover  more  JOY & profound  meaning  in  everyday  life !

Once we receive your email (please use the form below)....keep an eye out for a confirmation, welcome message & all the details!

7 days of authentic, joyful connecting....where each day you are given a tangible "spirituality made easy" soul step to practice WITHIN YOUR DAY! To help you through any "hiccups" life throws at you, increase the divine flow of life & build trust that you are being guided to your greatest good & best life!

Sunday, May 7 - Saturday, May 13

Take part in the Challenge !

It's such a JOY to share this wonderful and soulful online "into the world challenge" that will TRANSFORM the way you MOVE through life!!! 7 days together!!! Where each day we explore a specific area and you're given a "soul step" to take that will amplify your life and help you create ease, joy and flow! And it's totally free to participate in!!! Yay!


Before I give you all the soulful details.....I have a quick question for you.....

Have you ever wanted to wake up and feel happy from the moment your eyes from worry, stress or depressive feelings? To jump up out of bed, feel excited about life and the day ahead......and know that you are completely guided and supported as you take each step.....? If you answered no or feel already blissed out upon waking....I'd say....keep doing what you've been doing and YAY!!!!....You may want to pass on this challenge....unless you're super curious and want to explore or expand your JOY even more!!! If you said, "YES...I'd love to wake up happy!"'re going to fully love and enjoy this challenge!


Years ago I got to this exact place....overwhelmed by life.....overfilled with "practices".....and ready to hit the reset button on life! I asked myself, "There has to be an easier way than setting my intentions, and then journal for another hour to clear my negative thinking, then do my yoga practice for an hour to get aligned, then meditate for another half hour to clear my mind.....and then....and then....and then.....I'll feel happy once ALL that is done." Phew....there was half my day....and the following day I'd wake up and have to run through it all AGAIN!

That was over 10 years ago....and I can honestly say THERE IS AN EASIER, SIMPLER WAY to have life work with and for feel happy, aligned, connected and in the flow in minutes rather than hours that carries through your entire day! And this 7-Day Challenge is a fun, supportive, easy-flowing way to create that joy, fulfillment, ease and flow in your life and step off the "strained, hamster wheel, too busy to" way of life!

Ok !!!....On with the details !


Over the course of the 7 days....

I'm going to share with your some of my favourite tools & practices to support you so that you can......

  • Understand the key differences between your higher self, your mundane self & your lower self & how to align yourself with the most valuable self.

  • Learn best practices for having loving, flowing relationships & what to avoid when moving through "things" or turmoil within any relationship.

  • Receive foundation elements you need to create/manifest with ease & efficiency! Yes it can be easy!....and fun!

  • Create a new & improved health blueprint that brings about vitality & total body transformation.

  • Receive an easy framework for taking your meditation & mindfulness practice to the next level!

  • For all you parents or parents-to-be out there!....Learn & practice the #1 element that is essential for easy, soulful parenting.

  • Uncover your soul gifts in this lifetime & how to bring them into the "work" you do in the world!

elevate your next 7 days !

I'm excited to lovingly guide you through these 7 days, 7 key areas of life, with 7 new frameworks to soulfully live by!


Here's a little more info on what you'll receive when you sign up for the #SoulNav7DayChallenge:

  • A daily email that contains your "soul step" to take out into the world as your practice for that day! This will challenge you to really do the work & expand...not just talk or think about making a shift!

  • Access to daily video live stream (via FB Live) for a deeper dive into the each day's topic, answer your questions & provide you with additional tips, added inspiration & more soulful goodies.

  • Access to a private FB community to share, ask questions & get support with daily "hiccups" or to celebrate your spiritual triumphs!

  • Complimentary access to the Soul Navigation master class on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017....where we're taking it UP to the next level!


You'll walk (or fly) away with clarity & confidence in your ability to create & live a spiritually aligned life!

You'll have an easy-to-implement spiritual practice.

You'll experience more flow in 7 key areas of life.

You'll feel connected to a higher flow.

You'll feel energized (without coffee....and you know I LOVE a great cup of espresso ;)!

You'll have clarity and inner guidance as to how to move through life's we know there are many!


This 7-Day Soul Navigation Challenge will help you sync up to your Soul Navigational System (SNS), rewire how you function through life and upgrade your ability to create a wondrous life! And I promise to make this Spiritual expansion journey fun and light.....with short-and-sweet "soul step" practices each day (under 15 minutes) that you can easily integrate throughout your day!

Can't wait for you to join the Soul-flow!

Tara xo

Let spirit guide your actions, words & steps & watch your life transform before your eyes!


Take part in the Challenge !

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