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Private Biz Mentoring & Coaching

Calling all Heart-Based, Passion-Driven Entrepreneurs!

Attract dream clients, receive intuitive guidance as to where to take your business next, ground the higher vision for your business or work, be as authentic as possible within your business, receive the wealth that you desire and bring about great change and transformation to the world by accessing the divine gifts that ARE YOU!


Conscious Biz Creation Mentoring & Coaching!

  • 90 Minute Sessions

  • Intuitively created and crafted based on YOUR needs, dreams, goals and wants.

  • Create a solid foundation to build and grow your biz.

  • Access clarity around what it looks like.

  • Build new healthy biz beliefs and confidence in your field of expertise. And release old paradigms that hold you and your biz back.

  • Create the "right" products and service, and price them in alignment with abundance mindset!

  • Support in launching your business with ease and fun!

  • Continued support as you embark on your journey as a successful entrepreneur.

  • A look at branding, your message and signature offering or program.

  • How to easily create a website and get your message out into the world.

  • How to set up newsletter with successful open rates.

  • How to compassionately and mindfully connect with your clients and create REAL-ationships with them.

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