Welcome to Living Your Soul Self 9.0! The Expanded Version!

For those who want to......

  • take their spiritual practice and understanding to the next level!
  • create a deeper connection to and relationship with their higher soul self
  • stay aligned
  • ground & embody their higher self
  • understand the connection between their energy bodies and the mind-body-spirit connection
  • learn how eneryg flows between people and how to manage this flow in a healthy way
  • create deeper listening and trust to their inner wisdom and soul guidance
  • navigate their own mind and thoughts, and attune to higher, soul thoughts
  • live their best life and version of self
  • heal the self and their past, release fears and old patterns, and be free
  • explore or deepen their Meditation practice
  • to explore their Intuition and deepen their connection to it
  • tap into infinite creation and manifestation energy and abilities


What's included:

- 3 months, online, LIVE with yours truly! For a total of 9 classes.

- Weekly online "class" with the 4th week "off" to integrate

- 1, 30 min private soul coaching session

- The above "Living Your Soul Self 4.0"


Each week includes:

  • a live video class with yours truly (1.5-2 hrs each class)
  • 1-2 meditations to help you integrate the soul work
  • Energy Activation to align, awaken and open your cells, energy field and light-body, corresponding to the content in that week
  • tools to take into your life so that you can continue the "work"!
  • and Live Q&A and time to connect to all in attendance!
  • everything is recorded in case you miss a class


Week 1 ==> Healing the Past, Free The Self. Activation: The Inner Healer

Week 2 ==> Connecting to Your Higher, Soul Self. Activation: Receptivity for The Divine

Week 3 ==> Intuition Expansion. Activation: Inner Intuition


Week 4 ==> Grounding & Embodying Your Higher Self. Activation: Receptors for the Higher Self

Week 6 ==> Spiritual Energy Flow between Others & within Self. Activation: Connection & Communication

Week 7 ==> Being & Staying in Alignment. Activation: Soul Alignment


Week 9 ==> Higher Self Relationships. Activation: Soul Relationships

Week 10 ==> The Oneness & The Divine. Activation: Oneness & The All

Week 11==> Creation, Manifestation & Projection. Activation: Creatorship

Living Your Soul Self 9.0

  • .....You'll receive an email from yours truly with all the details....


    Course Material is being created as we speak and will be available to you to access by April 3rd!!!

  • Payment Plan Available Here: http://www.taraantler.com/soul-self-payments

Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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