Welcome to Living Your Soul Self 4.0!

For those who want to......

  • learn more about spirituality and spiritually grow
  • create a deeper connection to their higher soul self
  • navigate their own mind and thoughts, and attune to higher, soul thoughts
  • live their best life and version of self
  • heal the self and their past
  • explore or deepen their Meditation practice
  • to explore their Intuition and deepen their connection to it


What's included:

- 4 weeks, online, self-study....where you get to take in content at your own pace. No schedule!

- Each week includes:

  • a prerecorded video class with yours truly
  • 1-2 meditations to help you integrate the soul work
  • 1 Energy Activation to align, awaken and open your cells, energy field and light-body, corresponding to the content in that week
  • and tools to take into your life so that you can continue the "work"!


Week 1 ==> Healing the Past, Free The Self. Activation: The Inner Healer

Week 2 ==> Connecting to Your Higher, Soul Self. Activation: Receptivity for The Divine

Week 3 ==> Intuition Expansion. Activation: Inner Intuition

Week 4 ==> Grounding & Embodying Your Higher Self. Activation: Soul Alignment

Living Your Soul Self 4.0

  • .....You'll receive an email from yours truly with all the details....


    Course Material is being created as we speak and will be available to you to access by April 3rd!!!

Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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