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Recently, Harvard proved that Meditation literally REBUILDS The Brain’s Gray Matter In 8 Weeks!!! I have been meditating since I was 14...and it has seriously expanded & transformed my life! Still to this remains as a foundation in my daily practice & teachings.

This meditation CD or collection includes 7 powerfully guided meditations that will completely elevate your mind, body & allow you to enter deep states of relaxation, internal peace & beautiful health & well-being benefits!

Meditation themes:
1. Empty Your Mind
2. Complete Relaxation
3. Pristine, Healthy Body
4. Meditation for Addictive Patterns
5. Get Your Relaxation On - Meditation for Anxiety
6. Water Meditation for Anxiety
7. Getting to Know Your Higher Self

Each meditation is anywhere between 10 - 25 min & is accessible as a downloadable MP3.

Meditation CD - Mind, Body, Soul

  • Once you purchase this Meditation "CD" you will receive an email from Tara with the links to download all MP3 audio files, through Dropbox.


    If you have any trouble downloading them, please be in touch.

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