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They are here! The Divine Wisdom Cards are here!


This beautiful 44-card INSIGHT deck was intuitively channeled and created to support your inner journey of expanding your intuition, connecting to divine messages and activating the light within! The themes "dropped down" from The Divine in some of the most powerful, transformative, alchemical moments! Received by Tara Antler, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Mentor, during Soul sessions with clients - a Soul-Calling for her since 1997!


The Guidebook offers deeper IN-sight into each card, a beautiful Mantra to energetically attune to the message, and a Divine Wisdom Practice to embody the teachings! There are also 11 "Master Cards" to integrate the "I AM" presence into your life!


Artwork channeled by Shakaya Leone, hand-painted with crushed crystals, surrounded by flowers, the elements and natural light.

Divine Wisdom Insight Cards

    1. Please provide your exact mailing address so that we can ship the cards to you!
    2. Upon Checkout.....Please select and add the correct shipping location based on your country. For example: You will see "Subtotal", then "Shipping", underneath it will show you the Country. If you need to change this, please click it and enter the correct Country.
  • When you purchase 3 or more....I will gift you the Divine Wisdom Insight program: 44 days of meditative insight based on one card a day....with me! Value $333 USD


    And....if you purchase 10 or more....I will enter your name into a draw for 1 original piece of artwork from the cards (your choice from a collective of 8)!!!! Value between $1100 - 1900!
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