Once we've opened our eyes to an expanded world we don't want to go back to sleep! When we've created the business or money we desired....we often still feel an inner hunger....as though something is missing. That missing piece is YOU....the FULLY expanded YOU!!! Your spiritual SELF! Just waiting to be invited in! We feel a pull to continue our evolution and growth! Our curiosity is peaked, something deep and profound stirs within....and we begin the most fulfilling, joyful, extraordinary journey of our lives! An exploration of the SOUL!

Within this section you will find key areas of soul mastery:

The programs have been intuitively created to ignite within you the highest expression of YOU possible! Life is much more vibrant, joyful and fun when we are filled up, living in the light, aware of our expanded self and journey, and consciously choosing our life. We are each such beautifully gifted and creative beings! it is time to live an expanded life, a more full life, a more connected life, and a more harmonious life!....With Soul and Spiritual connection!

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Meditation Guide!

If you would like to explore meditation (privately or class), please connect with me! In the meantime....please enjoy these

FREE Guided Meditations!!!

I discovered meditation & yoga when I was 14 through a wonderful English teacher. I have not only studied these intimately, I have embodied them fully through my personal journey of self-awareness, mindfulness, conscious reflection & self-healing. Meditation is a beautiful way to nurture self, reconnect, centre & refocus the mind!

There are many forms of meditation & each has its own bag of benefits. I would suggest exploring many & decide on which works best for you. Some love mindful meditations, others enjoy silent meditations, while others adore guided visualizations.

If you woul like access to even more guided meditations....I have recorded several albums that are available for purchase!  To shop the library.....please click on any album below & you will be directed to the "SHOP" page!

You can't get meditation wrong! It's as easy as breathing!

Curious as to what your intuition is communicating to you? Tapping into your intuition and inner truth is one of the greatest gifts you can awaken within! With increased intuition you:

  • have a clear sense of direction in life

  • are able to make grounded, guided decisions

  • have insight into your highest path

  • and, have a lot of fun exploring the "unseen world" around all of you!

I know, first hand, how amazing it is to live life fully awake with a turned on intuition!!! With this gift actively a part of my every day life, I'm able to do the "work" that I love to do with ease, I can sense and see things before they physically happen, and I've been able to direct my life in full alignment with my higher self (because I'm listening inwardly....and when I don't, I know where I strayed from my inner voice of highest truth....and can reset and realign quickly!).


I've intuitively created this powerful program to help expand, awaken, increase and fine-tune your intuition!!!! And there are 3 ways that you can part-take in this fabulous program!!!!!

1. ONLINE SELF STUDY - videos, meditations, 3rd Eye Activation Sessions & audios....Emailed to you each week for 6 weeks....with a new theme each week!


2. ONLINE SELF-STUDY WITH ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT - receive all of the above (self study) plus 6 one-on-one Intuitively guided sessions with yours truly throughout the program! Each week you'll move through the self-study content and then you and I will connect by phone to answer any personal questions you have, offer guidance for your personal path of expanded intuition and provide additional support you may want during the program!

3. LIVE IN PERSON PLUS SELF-STUDY BONUS - live meditations, 3rd Eye Activations, live workshops, live practice sessions within self & with other students, Intuition Q&A sessions & live support....One class per week for 6 weeks and each class is 2.5-3 hours, and includes plenty of time to practice, connect inward and give and receive intuitive insights with the other students! And each week we cover a new theme or key! Message me for the next live class dates!

FREE resource (video & Intuition Quiz)


Living Your Higher Self

What is Higher Awareness? What does your Higher Self looks and feel like? What would life look and feel like if you were living in alignment with your expanded soul-version self? As we spiritually grow on this path, we are most often lead to exploring and meeting our Higher Self! That version of us that is amazing, beautiful, infinite! And when we tap into the Higher Self our life takes on new meaning, we discover a whole new world within and around us, and things just seem to get brighter and lighter.

Includes: 4 weeks, online, self-study....where you get to take in content at your own pace. No schedule!


Each week includes:

  • a prerecorded video class with yours truly

  • 1-2 meditations to help you integrate the soul work

  • 1 Energy Activation to align, awaken and open your cells, energy field and light-body, corresponding to the content in that week

  • and tools to take into your life so that you can continue the "work"!

Includes: 3 months, online, LIVE with yours truly! For a total of 9 classes. Weekly online "class" with the 4th week "off" to integrate. 1, 30 min private soul coaching session. And "Living Your Soul Self 4.0"


Each week includes:

  • a live video class with yours truly (1.5-2 hrs each class)

  • 1-2 meditations to help you integrate the soul work

  • Energy Activation to align, awaken and open your cells, energy field and light-body, corresponding to the content in that week

  • tools to take into your life so that you can continue the "work"!

  • and Live Q&A and time to connect to all in attendance!

  • everything is recorded in case you miss a class

Let's begin a wonderful journey of soulful insights, accelerated growth, exceptional living and days worth waking up to! SOUL COACHING helps you to create beautiful shifts WITHIN - powerfully impacting how the external world shows up for you, develops a positive mindset and joyful direction, and completely elevates your experience of life.

You get to choose the areas of life that you'd like to focus on:

  • Relationship shifts, health, harmony & happiness creation

  • Self care, self practice & self love

  • Financial well-being & abundance mindset

  • Spiritual growth, higher self connection & intuitive development

  • Life purpose, your path & the higher work that you'd like to do in the world 

  • Soulful, conscious, heart-based business creation, direction & development


Because this particular type of work is a combination of all the modalities I have learned, studied and practiced over 20 + years....there really is no such thing as a "typical session" and each session may look and feel very different from the one before. It's a very intuitive process, with grounded tools and steps to help actualize what you're working on and through.


Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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