.....is a very important & crucial step in living life awake! With loving reflection of self & healthy introspection we are able to see what is holding us back, the beliefs we have been holding onto that no longer serve us, the unloving ego thoughts that are present. With the right tools & support.....we have FULL power to shift & lift & become more aligned with our EXPANDED SELF!!!

I truly believe & know that we can heal & elevate from anything.....It takes is a willingness to shift & the strength to say YES to transformation (especially when the old version of our life or experience isn't feeling so good anymore). 


Many times we out-grow our current reality of self....like hitting a glass ceiling or feeling as though the walls of life are closing in on us. This is fabulous indication that YOU'RE GROWING!!!....Becoming more & more beautiful & ready to shake off the old!

I'd love to be a part of your transformation, healing & elevation journey!!!! If you have any questions, please private message me.

The Total Self Healing program assists with transforming your ENTIRE LIFE! It fills you UP with the tools to heal, elevate & radically evolve & lovingly guides you to vitality! 


It is for those who REALLY want to experience health, happiness & vibrant well-being in all areas of life & who are READY to take the leap into radiant health!

The program was created over a full year....combining everything I've specialized in, in the Healing Arts Field.....using only tools that make a BIG & REAL positive impact (tried, tested & true....with over 10, 000 clients in 12 countries over 13 years!)!

You have the option to take the program online - self study or online with one-on-one support!

I can honestly say....this is one of THE MOST POWERFUL, ALL-ENCOMPASSING courses I've ever created! It will totally take your life to a new level! (if you're ready ;)


An online portal to Navigate all areas of life with a soulful approach & through the guidance of your Higher Self!


Think of Soul Navigation as your go-to-spot for all things mind-body-soul based to help you navigate ALL areas of life with total ease, freedom and joy!


A commercial-free online streaming for the Soul where you'll find:

  • videos & audio classes

  • infinite different types of meditations

  • life-transforming tools & support to help you elevate, expand, heal & align your life!


New content is added every month based on what's happening in the world & what's intuitively guided re support for you.....all with the intention to provide insights & tools for your continuous soul's evolution!


After working with over 10, 000 clients one-on-one over the past 13 years I completely enjoy and LOVE connecting with clients privately! It is a sacred time to tune-in to that person on the highest level and assist with the shifts that are occurring at that point in their journey!


Each session is uniquely created and divinely guided on the spot....in that present moment. And I recommend that first-time clients book a 90 minute session...as there is usually more “stuff” that surfaces and that we flow through. There are two ways that you can connect for a session.....in-person or by phone.

A session provides a compassionate space for you to heal, rebalance, shift, clear, reset and remove the cobwebs of your past. It allows the mind to refocus on loving thoughts while the emotions return to a state of harmony and the body then has the space to realign itself - back to health, vitality and well-being. 

Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and clear the "stuff" from our past in order to release into our present, most amazing self! Other times we need some clarity and support with a new path we are headed down or insight as to what our higher self is telling us. Other times we are moving through so much that life feels as though it's falling apart and we could use some emergency healing or body TLC.


Each session is intuitively guided for the individual in that moment - tuning in to what YOU require, what YOUR higher self is asking for, and helping to receive clarity while aligning you to a path that is beautiful, loving and happy! As the facilitator of healing, I utilize all of the gifts that flow through me, aligning energy, activating the higher self within the physical, and ignite spiritual awakening. This frees blocked energy pathways, clears limiting beliefs patterns, rebalances the chakras, increases overall health and vitality, and returns the individual to their original perfect state of well-being. Energy flow is restored on all levels. The client often feels a beautiful cocoon of love, a tangible connection to self and a higher awareness of the soul's journey.

Create & experience HEALTHY, HAPPY & HARMONIOUS relationships! This one-on-one coaching & healing  is a MUST for anyone who is in relationship with anybody!

Our experience on this planet has EVERYTHING to do with relationships & interacting with others. Deep within we want love, respect, honour, harmony & understanding within our interactions....It makes everything much easier! However this is not always what we see, feel or experience.


I have witnessed so much unhappiness, frustration & a feeling of throwing in the towel....Not knowing how to make things better, not knowing what to do, not knowing what the "right" decision is, or not knowing how to peacefully resolve conflict. I often say to my clients, "I wish someone would have given us a crash course or manual on how to move through the realm of relationships! It would make things sooooo much easier."

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE (avail in person or by phone):
  • An inner look at the relationship realm & what's in the way of you having loving relationships now.

  • Clear, forgive & heal the past around relationship patterns & all you "know".

  • Create H3 relationships (healthy, happy, harmonious).

  • Tap into unconditional love for self first....then others. Learn how to truly FALL in LOVE!

  • Learn how to resolve conflict with ease.

  • Learn what to do when sh*t hits the fan in any relationship & how to pick up the pieces when something falls apart.

  • Deepen your inner respect, honour & appreciation.

  • Establish REAL-ATIONSHIPS.

  • Learn conscious communication.....how to speak to one another & listen with more than your ears.


BONUS CONTENT: A look at intimate relationships...it's a whole other world & it's important to know how to navigate.

I can truthfully & whole-heartedly say.....THERE IS A WAY....to have peaceful, loving, respectful, flourishing, wonderful, conflict-free relationships in every area of life!!! I have made it my "work" to live healthy, harmonious, happy relationships in all areas of life & I would LOVE to show you how!!! It is 100% possible!!!

Not sure what your next step will be? Would LOVE to chat! Feel free to use the form to be in contact or set up a complimentary 30 minute clarity session!

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